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12 Ways to Say ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ with Food

These food gifts are the perfect way to say 'Happy Valentine’s Day'. With treats for spouses, parents and more, make these Valentine's Day recipes for the special people in your life.

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Valentine Heart Brownies Exps164236 Sd2401789a10 19 4bc Rms 4

For the Classroom

Bring a batch of these cute Valentine Heart Brownies to the class Valentine’s Day party or any other group activity. Little ones are sure to nibble them right up!

Find our favorite heart-shaped recipes.

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For the Kids

Children look at Valentine’s Day through heart-shaped glasses. These Chocolate-Raspberry Cutout Cookies are sure to gain approval from kids of all ages.

Any of these Valentine’s Day cookie recipes would work, too.

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For Teachers

You’ll garner most-loved parent status by delivering this Citrus-Raspberry Coffee Cake to the teachers’ lounge at school, along with a bag of gourmet ground coffee for the community coffee pot.

Check out these other Valentine’s Day desserts.

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For Neighbors

How would you feel if your neighbor baked a loaf of bread for you? Live by the golden rule and share the love with your neighbors by taking over a loaf of this homemade Double-Berry Quick Bread.
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Raspberry Patch Crumb Bars Exps Mtbz19 38122 E03 08 6b Rms 3

For a Relative in a Nursing Home

Let someone know you care by delivering these easy-to-make Raspberry Patch Crumb Bars to a relative (or other residents) at a nursing home.

Our Top 10 dessert bar recipes. 

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For Parents or Grandparents

Warm the hearts of your parents, in-laws or grandparents by dropping off some breadsticks with a pot of this hearty Sausage & Greens Soup.
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For Sisters or Female Friends

Show your sisterly love by having friends over to share a little girl talk, and these sinfully good Chocolate Cream Cupcakes.

Get more drool-worthy Valentine’s Day cupcakes.

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Soft Beer Pretzels Exps114654 Th132767b05 10 2bc Rms 5

For Brothers or Male Friends

What goes together better than beer and pretzels? Combine them in this Soft Beer Pretzels recipe for an awesome snack guys will go wild over.
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Blue Cheese Crusted Sirloin Steaks Exps Sdon16 90341 A06 02 10b 2

For a Husband

How sweet it is to be loved by you…especially when you serve your dear hubby a Valentine’s Day meal featuring these Blue Cheese-Crusted Sirloin Steaks.

These are our most romantic dinner recipes ever. 

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Mini Chip Cocoa Pancakes Exps160494 Th2847293c12 19 8bc Rms 2

For a Wife

Start out her special day with these Mini-Chip Cocoa Pancakes—hot cocoa pancakes are dotted with mini chocolate chips to make a special breakfast-in-bed treat for any chocoholic!

Make your sweetie one of these easy Valentine’s Day dinners.

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For a Girlfriend or Boyfriend

Show you care for that special someone by wrapping up a gift of these Strawberry Chocolate Truffles.
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Ginger Dog Biscuits Exps90572 Thca2180111c03 17 3b Rms 7

For a Pet

Fido is always there for you. Tell him he’s a good boy with these bark-worthy Ginger Dog Biscuits.

Take a look at these Valentine’s Day cake recipes.