This Is When to Put Up Christmas Decorations, According to Survey Results

Are you part of the 69% that waits until after Thanksgiving?

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When I was younger and still lived with my parents, my mom and I would discuss when we thought would be the best time to decorate the house for Christmas. I preferred earlier in the month, usually right after Thanksgiving, because I liked the atmosphere to last longer. She usually liked to wait a week or two before Christmas itself. (We have yet to reach an agreement, but the science is on my side.)

Luckily, the folks over at YouGov conducted a survey to discover when to decorate for the holidays. They polled 2,748 adults in the United States who celebrated Christmas, Kwanzaa or Hanukkah.

Let’s find out the results, shall we?

Before or After Thanksgiving?

At a whopping 69%, the majority of people believed decorations shouldn’t go up until AFTER Thanksgiving. But then again, that makes sense, doesn’t it? No need to rush the holidays and meld them all together—while Thanksgiving may not have the same jolly impact as Christmas, it doesn’t deserve to be steamrolled completely.

Of those who chose to wait, 25% like to decorate the day after Thanksgiving while 24% chose after Thanksgiving but before December.

Seems like the best time to put up outdoor decorations, too, before the snow comes down too hard! But only 42% of those who celebrate winter holidays decorate the exterior of their house. 70% of people choose to focus on the interior of their house!

Modern or Vintage?

We all love buying new decorations, right? Well—maybe not!

Of those polled, 5% said they’d buy all new decorations for the holidays, 47% said they’d use both old and new and 46% would use the decorations they already have. My mom is definitely in that last 46% range—talk about ultra vintage.

Of those who choose to buy all new decorations, the majority (73%) wouldn’t spend more than $100. While 25% said they wouldn’t spend more than $40, 5% claimed they’d spend more than $200. The dream! I wonder where they get their inspiration from. 25% of people say they find inspo from friends and family while about 23% get theirs from social media.

Do Decorations Your Way

When you decide to put up that Christmas tree and shower it in beautiful ornaments is totally up to you. Whether you get your inspiration from interior design magazines or that awesome video you saw on Facebook, it’s all about having fun and enjoying your space! And if you like to DIY your decor, don’t forget to check out this tutorial for an easy Christmas star.

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