What Is a Danish Dough Whisk and Why You Might Want One

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Have you seen this crazy, loopy tool before? We gave a Danish dough whisk a try. Find out if it's worth a spot in your kitchen.

In my small kitchen, every item has to earn its spot in my limited drawer and cupboard space. That’s why I have a strict no-single-use item rule. And new buys have to pass the test in order to gain a coveted spot in my utensil crock. So let’s just say I was a bit skeptical when my aunt gifted me a Danish dough whisk. Would it pass the test and earn a spot in my kitchen?

What Is a Danish Dough Whisk?

First things first: What is this goofy looking whisk anyway? A Danish dough whisk (sometimes just called a dough whisk, Danish whisk or even a brodpisker) is a specially shaped tool very much unlike your classic balloon-style whisk. It’s made of stiff looped wire and is designed to perfectly blend ingredients—especially when it comes to bread recipes.

How Does the Dough Whisk Work?

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With my dough whisk in hand and recipe for rye bread, I got to work. If this whisk was going to claim to be a bread-making must-have, it had to hold up to a good yeast bread recipe—not just an easy-peasy quick bread.

I got to work with this bread, proofing the yeast, measuring the ingredients and then finally mixing it all together. I’ll admit, I looked at my KitchenAid mixer longingly as I prepped since it makes mixing a dough (and even kneading it) a breeze. But I grabbed my new Danish dough whisk and went to town.

Instantly, I was surprised how well this tool worked! As any baker knows, bringing a bread dough together can be challenging; there’s a lot of flour to incorporate into the mix. But this dough whisk somehow managed to blend together the water and flour together quickly and without a lot of effort. I was expecting mixing a big dough like this by hand would wear me out before I even got to the hard work of kneading, but that wasn’t the case! In just a minute or two, my dough was ready to turn out onto the counter to knead.

Why I Love This Whisk

I’ll admit: After my first experiment with this dough whisk, I was sold. It became my go-to for all sorts of yeasted bread recipes including this basic homemade bread and cinnamon rolls.

But this whisk can do so much more than help you with yeast bread recipes. It’s also super helpful when making simple recipes like quick breads, pancakes and even biscuits. Where I used to reach for a regular whisk or wooden spoon before, I now grab this Danish whisk. The shape makes it easy to whip these batters together.

One more bonus: My Danish dough whisk is easier to clean than a wooden spoon or wire whisk. The wire curly-cue means less batter sticks to the whisk, so I don’t have to constantly be plying a sticky mess off the back of the wooden spoon. Since I don’t have a dishwasher, ease of clean is a big deal for me. I’d rather wash down the metal spiral of this whisk than do battle with dried batter plastered onto my wooden spoon or suds up every single wire on a balloon whisk.

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When you snag this whisk (which I recommend you do!), be aware that it’s not good for every kitchen task. When it comes to stirring up cookie dough or cake batter, I’ll stick with my hand mixer or stand mixer. But I highly recommend this tool for whenever you might reach for your wooden spoon.

So add this Danish dough whisk to your shopping list and grab one for a friend. And maybe check out these cool gifts for bakers, too. You might find a few items to add to your wish list.

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