Wendy’s Is Giving Out FREE Nuggets for One Day Only—We Repeat, FREE NUGGETS

Get to your nearest Wendy's drive-thru on Friday, April 24!

Because of all the COVID-19 closures, many restaurants have been boosting business and goodwill by giving out free food—and we’re here for it!

Last month, Wendy’s was offering us all a free Frosty, and now they’re giving out something even better: chicken nuggets.

How Do I Get My Free Nuggets?

In a giveaway that Wendy’s has dubbed a “GroupNug,” the chain will be giving out free four-piece chicken nuggets on Friday, April 24. Yes, that’s only one day. You can choose from crispy or spicy nuggets—and there’s no purchase necessary.

Wendy’s fans who want to score free nuggets can head to the drive-thru at any participating Wendy’s location to get their four-piece. And remember, even though everyone’s in cars, there are likely to be crowds. Don’t forget to be patient—and practice social distancing.

We’re All in This Together

If anyone needs further proof that the pandemic has made everyone—even corporations—kinder, just look to brands like McDonald’s that have been giving away free meals to healthcare workers and first responders. Not to be outdone, Burger King has been giving away free Whoppers to nurses and waiving delivery fees for orders placed through its app.

Wendy’s, known for its sassy—sometimes biting—social media presence, is also showing its softer side. The fast-food chain wants to celebrate its employees and “individuals across the U.S. who are going above and beyond day-to-day operations to help make our communities a little brighter.”

The free nuggets are the cherry on top!

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