Wendy’s New Frosty Cookie Sundae Is the Perfect Summer Treat

You don't want to miss this summer's most decadent dessert!

One of America’s favorite fast-food desserts just got better. Just in time for summer, Wendy’s beloved Frosty is now available as a cookie-topped sundae. And while you may believe that a Frosty is best when paired with salty fries (here’s how to make Wendy’s fries at home) this decadent sundae might make you reconsider.

We bet you don’t know these fun facts about the Frosty.

What’s in the Frosty Cookie Sundae?

Everyone’s favorite ooey-gooey treat takes creamy vanilla Frosty, adds hearty chunks of chocolate chip cookies and tops it with a drizzle of rich, Ghirardelli chocolate sauce. It’s the stuff dreams are made of! And if that’s not enough chocolate for you, the sundae can also be made with a chocolate Frosty base.

Believe it or not, this is the Frosty Cookie Sundae’s second debut. The sundae was first released in April of 2019, and fans loved it so much they begged for another taste. We can’t really blame them—what’s better than a crumbly, cookie-packed Frosty?

In case you were wondering, here’s how to pronounce Ghirardelli.

Where can I get one?

The Frosty Cookie Sundae costs $1.99 and is available at participating Wendy’s for a very limited time. Prices may vary between locations, but still, it’s a pretty sweet deal for an even sweeter dessert. Run—don’t walk—to get yours before it’s too late!

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