We Tried the New Diet Coke Flavors and Here’s What We Thought

We put four new Diet Coke flavors to the test. Find out how Coca-Cola's mango, cherry, ginger-lime and blood orange flavors stacked up!

New Diet Coke flavors

Diet Coke fans, rejoice! There are four new Diet Coke flavors out on the shelves to satisfy your caffeine cravings. The new lineup includes Feisty Cherry, Ginger Lime, Twisted Mango and Zesty Blood Orange. Being the foodies and fanatics that we are, we knew we had to get our hands on these new flavors to test them (and maybe find a new favorite!). Though if you need an energy boost, we’ve narrowed down a list of the best sources of caffeine.

First Impressions

Before we dive into Diet Coke’s new flavors, can we just talk about the updated look for a second? Diet Coke in all its forms—classic formulation included—got a mini makeover. Gone are the squat cans that we’re all familiar with. Now the soda is sold in tall, slim cans that just make them seem a pinch more elegant. Don’t worry, though—these still hold the same 12-ounces of soda. The new flavors were also accompanied by a vertical band in vibrant orange, yellow, green and violet. My gang of taste testers agreed that we liked this fresh and modern look, but we all know it’s whats inside that counts.

Also worth noting: When we grabbed this new soft drink at the store, we noticed that in came in packs of eight, not 12 like you’d expect. So that’s just a heads up for your party planning! Hosting a large event? Here’s an easy guide for exactly how much food you need to serve.

Our Take on the New Flavors

Now let’s get into the new flavors themselves! We’ve all had variations of Coke and Diet Coke in the past (any Vanilla Coke fans out there?), but never anything like tropical fruits or zesty twists. So let’s see what our tasting panel thought!

We tried the new Diet Coke flavors

Zesty Blood Orange

Score: 3.5/10

When we first popped open a can of Diet Coke Zesty Blood Orange, we were a little unsure of what to expect—more cola than orange or more orange than cola? Before taking a sip, we took in the soda’s bouquet, just like you would with a fine wine. From that whiff, we definitely got a strong smell of orange there.

But taking our first sip, we got what tasted like a kid went crazy at the soda fountain: classic Diet Coke, but with just a splash of orange soda. The flavor wasn’t bad by any stretch, but it wasn’t quite as advertised. Blood oranges, of course, taste like orange, but they also have a few berry-like notes in their flavor profile as well. In this regard, Coca-Cola didn’t quite deliver Zesty Blood Orange, more like sweet, soda fountain orange. If you’re looking for a true-blue—erm, orange—flavor try this Blood Orange-Pomegranate Sorbet.

In the end, the testers agreed: We could easily drink a can if it was in the fridge, but we wouldn’t go out of our way to buy it.

Ginger Lime

Score: 6/10

Jumping up in the scores quite a bit was Diet Coke’s new Ginger Lime flavor. This was the new twist that we were all looking forward to the most—halfway between a classic and something a little exotic. (Kind of like these tropical recipes, perfect for a stay-cation.)

Pouring this pop, we didn’t notice the strong aroma like we did with the Zesty Blood Orange (or our top two picks). We crossed our fingers that this one would deliver a real punch. After taking a taste, we couldn’t quite grasp those ginger and lime flavors.

Taking a sip of classic Diet Coke alongside this option, though, we started to pick up on the more subtle flavors going on, and we enjoyed the mild ginger flavor that lingered on our palettes. Most testers actually found that they preferred this Diet Coke formula over the original. “It has a fuller flavor,” one of my colleagues noted, and we all agreed.

Twisted Mango

Score: 6.1/10

Edging out Ginger Lime by one tenth of a point was the Twisted Mango Diet Coke. Unlike the lime option, Twisted Mango Diet Coke offered a bold aroma that we all found pretty irresistible. In fact, when we first popped the top on this can, we kept lingering on this fun tropical scent—maybe it’s the Wisconsin winter that has us craving these warm weather ingredients. It’s no surprise that mango is the most popular fruit in the world.

As for the taste, it definitely delivered a great balance of Diet Coke and mango flavor. We found ourselves sipping this one over and over and discussing the possibilities for this soda. Maybe a float? Maybe it would be a great addition to a mocktail or even cocktail.

Feisty Cherry

Score: 7.5/10

You’d think that after those unique options, that a cherry Diet Coke might seem a little boring. But this Feisty Cherry really delivered on taste and well all took notice.

Opening this can, we all asked, what makes this Feisty Cherry and not just plain cherry? After a quick smell, we couldn’t quite discern—it just had that sweet cherry scent. Taking a sip, though, we found the cherry flavor to be just a bit bolder than your classic cherry Diet Coke. Really parsing this flavor apart, we thought it had more of that authentic soda shop cherry flavor (as compared to that juice from the maraschino jar taste).

We agreed if this was the new cherry option from Diet Coke, we were definitely on board.

The Takeaways

When it comes to the Diet Coke rebrand and all its new flavors, we’re definitely interested. The slim cans along with the unique flavors add a bit of pizazz to our refrigerators. Plus, after trying all the new options, we now have three new sodas that might just become regular items on our grocery list: Ginger Lime, Twisted Mango and Feisty Cherry.

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