Walmart Grocery Delivery Is Here—and It’s Way Cheaper Than Amazon

This is how the cost of Walmart's grocery delivery service stacks up against competitors.

Haven’t tried grocery delivery yet? It’s worth trying—here’s why. Of course, while there are plenty of ups to grocery delivery, it can get pricey. You may know Amazon Prime Now as one of the most famous names in grocery delivery, but if you’re not careful, you could end up really shelling out for your snacks.

Walmart announced awhile back they would be offering grocery delivery but without the steep fees that cancel out the convenience. This weekly chore just got a whole lot more budget-friendly.

How Much Is Walmart Grocery Delivery?

For $9.95 per delivery (without the subscription, that is), your items will show up on your doorstep within three short hours of ordering. This does come with a $30 minimum order, but the delivery fee is pretty lax compared to other services that charge upwards of $15.

Your order can include deli items, fresh produce, bakery and just about everything in the grocery aisles. Walmart’s service also includes general merchandise, like tissues and shampoo. You can check here to see if your location does delivery.

Prefer to shop at Aldi? They deliver, too!

Walmart vs. Amazon Prime Now

According to CNBC, Walmart is definitely the go-to if you want all the bang for your buck. Walmart’s upfront cost per year for a delivery subscription is $98, while Amazon Prime is $119 per year. The actual cost of grocery items is reportedly 31% cheaper, too. For instance, a loaf of whole wheat bread from Amazon Prime will cost you a whopping $2.99, whereas Walmart keeps to their “Always Low Prices” at just $1.08. You can find the cost comparisons here.

Walmart delivery is also unlimited, meaning you can order groceries whenever you’re in need with no ordering cap per month. Even if your local Walmart isn’t delivering, you can always put in an order for pickup, and one of Walmart’s 45,000 personal shoppers will do all the heavy lifting for you.

The next time you’re in a rush, Walmart has you covered! Just make sure you pick up these 15 items.

Use This Meal Plan to Make Your Grocery List
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