Viral Photo Makes Nutella Ingredients Look Scary as Heck, But Do We Even Care?

There's a surreal photo of Nutella's ingredients, layered one on top of the other, that's got the internet buzzing. But we're pretty sure we're gonna keep eating it up with a spoon.

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Ah, Nutella (pronounced NEW-tell-uh), how we love you! Filled with hazlenuts and chocolate, we’re perfectly happy to eat you up with a spoon or stir you into any one of these tasty recipes. But one Reddit contributor has us questioning our undying love for this tasty spread when they posted a visual depection of what you’re actually eating when you dive into a jar of Nutella.

Deconstructed Nutella from r/geek

True to the Redditor’s image, sugar and palm oil together comprise more than half of every jar of Nutella. Hazelnuts make up a 13 percent, cocoa a mere 7.4 percent, and skimmed milk powder accounts for just 6.6 percent. But when you consider Nutella’s history, none of this should be even the slightest bit surprising.

Nutella was the brainchild of Pietro Ferrero, an Italian pastry maker who was looking for a way to deliver chocolate flavor to his customers despite an ongoing cocoa shortage following World War II. Ferrero’s sweet, creamy concoction did, and does, precisely that. In 1946, Pietro formed the Ferrero company, which continues to own the recipe for Pietro’s concoction, which was dubbed “Nutella” in 1964. Today, the Ferrero Group stands to become one of the world’s largest chocolate producers (along with Hershey, Cadbury, and Mars), having recently agreed to purchase Nestle’s US confectionery unit.

The fact is, Nutella’s seven ingredients have been listed on the jar for as long as we’ve been purchasing it, so can we really even pretend we didn’t know what we’ve been eating all along? Should some viral photo really distract us from our obsession? Would that even be possible considering all that Nutella makes possible?

In a word, no.

Because if these gooey, flakey, Nutella hand pies, this chocolate hazelnut torte, or these Nutella-stuffed strawberries are wrong, then we don’t want to be right.

Indulge in these Nutella-stuffed recipes.
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