This Artist Is Creating BEAUTIFUL Toast Designs During Quarantine

Artist Manami Sasaki is bringing breakfast to life with toast art!

If you’re anything like us, staying inside can get a little taxing at times. Once you’ve taken all the virtual tours you can handle and binged through all 400+ episodes of Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting, you may not be sure what to do next. Well, how about spending some time in the kitchen, turning toast into a canvas?

You read that right—one artist is keeping away the quarantine blues by bringing breakfast to life. Toast art is the best new trend we never knew we needed. And it’s totally edible.

Meet the Toast Artist

Manami Sasaki, the designer behind toast art, has dubbed her creations “Stay at Home Breakfast.” She uses ingredients you probably already have in your kitchen to capture her vision, like margarine, tomato sauce, mustard and mint leaves. This design, which she posted on her Instagram, @sasamana1204, is inspired by the Japanese camellia flower.

Check out some of her other masterpieces! This one, inspired by the Sakura flower, is made with chocolate and blueberry jam. Once she’s finished with the painting process, the toast is grilled, baking the design right onto the bread in time for breakfast.

This toast art piece is in reference to a practice called kintsugi, which is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer and powdered gold. Sasaki created this piece with sour cream, edible gold leaf and ketchup.

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STAYHOMEのあさごはん🍞 6日目のテーマは金継ぎ🇯🇵 材料は、サワークリームと、食用金箔、ケチャップです。 食パンをちぎって、断面を少しずらして金箔でつなげると、より金継ぎらしく仕上がると思います😇 実はこの食パン、6枚入り78円で買ったもので・・・😂わたしが食パンだったら、身体に貼られた金箔を確実に2度見する👀 ケチャップで細かい模様を描くときは、小皿に出して水分を飛ばしてから描くと良いかと!(わたしは冷蔵庫からそのままいったので、細かく描くのが大変でした😭) _ 金継ぎは、壊れてしまった陶磁器を、漆と金で修復する日本の伝統技法です🌸 金継ぎの跡を「景色」と呼ぶらしく、ヒビを雷のように見せたり、ポテっとさせて柿に見立てたりするそう・・・😌💭 あえて目立たせて、時の経過や偶然性も愛でる文化。日本は素晴らしや。

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Want to Get Started?

If toast art has inspired you to create your own tasty paintings, it’s not hard to find the colors you’re looking for hidden among your pantry essentials. Need yellow? Crack open an egg and use the yolk to paint the sunset. Capture those red tones using pasta sauce, and smash up some beans for brown shades.

Your pantry is chock full of ingredients for a great toast art painting, so why not experiment this weekend? We know we will. (And don’t be afraid to share your creations with us on Facebook or Instagram—we’d love to see them!)

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