TikTok Users Are Finally Cleaning Their Dishwasher Filters. It’s Gross—and Satisfying

You won't be able to look away.

In this, the strangest of summers, plenty of us are looking for things to distract us from the chaos. Some people have been obsessed with TikTok, and honestly, we can’t blame ’em—the app can be pretty useful. (Like when we learned how to fill an ice cube tray, as well as make whipped coffee and other whipped drinks.)

Lately, TikTok’s been dropping some pretty good life lessons… like the fact that everyone should be cleaning their dishwasher filter.

Yes, dishwasher filters are a real thing!

The Dishwasher Filter Discovery on TikTok

If you have a weak stomach, maybe don’t watch the second video… or think about how it might mimic your own dishwasher. (Too late—you’re picturing it now, aren’t you?) But if you just found out this filter existed, don’t feel too bad, because plenty of other people were in the same boat.

Thankfully, if you’re wondering how to remedy this problem, @darbisellshomes has got you covered. She shows viewers how to find the filter here:

@darbisellshomesPSA: Clean your dishwasher filter. ##momsoftiktok♬ original sound – darbisellshomes

And here’s where things get nasty, because some people’s filters are, uh, not that clean. To say the least. We’re recommending you watch the video below on an empty stomach.

@inspectormurphAre you cleaning your dishwashers filter regularly? ##inspectormurph ##homeowner ##homeinspector ##realtor ##covid_19

♬ original sound – inspectormurph

Psst… Here’s how to load a dishwasher the right way.

It’s Oddly Satisfying, Though

OK, so that was kind of awful. But it’s also kind of… nice? Not nice to see the filter in its unclean state, but nice to know it can be cleaned. Hey, if that filter can be cleaned, there’s hope for us all.

If this has given you a newfound obsession with having a clean dishwasher, here’s how to make it sparkle like new. I mean, it cleans your dishes. Constantly. The least you can do to repay it is clean it, right?

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