How to Eat a Cupcake the Right Way

Just another reason to love Anne Hathaway!

Let’s talk about cupcakes. Growing up, I was never a big fan of regular cake. The slices were too big and I was never a huge fan of the frosting distribution. So what did I turn to instead? Cupcakes, of course! They were the perfect size for a couple hearty bites, and I was always blessed with just the right amount of buttercream frosting. The only problem was trying not to get frosting everywhere on my face.

But have you seen Anne Hathaway’s genius cupcake hack? She’s showing us all how to eat a cupcake the right way.

What’s Anne’s Cupcake Trick?

Normally when we’re chowing down on some super cute cupcakes during a special occasion, we go face first for a balanced bite of cake and frosting. Here’s the problem: frosting begins to cover every inch of your mouth and nose. While it’s not the worst thing in the world, it can get a bit annoying (and sticky). Anne Hathaway has a much better way of eating cupcakes, and we can’t believe we didn’t think of this before.

@kellyclarksonshow Never eating cupcakes the same way again 😱 #annehathaway #cupcake #kellyclarkson #hack ♬ original sound – Kelly Clarkson Show

She showed this little trick off while she was on the Kelly Clarkson show. What you want to do is take the top half of the cupcake right under the frosting and pull it apart from the bottom half. Now flip the top half over and squish the two separate pieces together. You should have what looks like a cupcake sandwich with frosting in the middle. Genius!

Is This the Best Way to Eat a Cupcake?

Yes! No more annoying plops of frosting finding their way up your nose. Not only that, the frosting sandwich makes the cupcake experience even more delicious. It’s basically the perfect bite every time. Plus, this method will keep your kids entertained and clean-ish while they’re celebrating with friends. It’s all about innovation!

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