This Family Made a GIANT Hot Cocoa Bomb You Have to See to Believe

Wait until you see the size of the hot cocoa bomb featured in this TikTok video!

If you’ve been on TikTok in recent weeks, you may know of the “it’s a floater!” meme going around. Well, the video that started that meme is actually pretty cool—it’s of a family who created a giant hot cocoa bomb over the holidays and you have to see what happens when they try to melt it!

A Massive Hot Cocoa Bomb

Hot cocoa bombs were this winter’s hottest trend and now there are even tea bombs. In addition to all the options you can buy in stores, there seem to be a million DIY tips and tricks out there, but I’ve never seen one like this!

In a two-part video from TikToker @laura.shearer that’s been viewed almost 6 million times, we see a massive hot cocoa bomb created for a family’s New Years Eve festivities. Sure, it appears to have a lot of the same characteristics of a classic hot cocoa bomb—it looks like it’s made with milk chocolate, drizzled with white chocolate and covered in tons of blue and white sprinkles. However, this cocoa bomb is so big they use a stockpot full of steaming hot milk to try to melt it.

@laura.shearer##hotcocoabomb ##gianthcb ##itsafloater ##superexcited ##baking ##chocolate ##hotcocoa ##marshmallows @oli_oli_oxen_free @shaneshearer0♬ original sound – Laura Shearer

“It’s a Floater!”

The giant chocolate sphere floats on top of the hot milk for a while before someone breaks out a ladle to start pouring the milk on top of it to hurry things up a bit. Patience is a virtue because all the wait, and two TikTok videos, are seriously worth it when the huge bomb finally cracks open to reveal a flurry of giant marshmallows and hot cocoa mix. Hint: this big reveal happens in the second video.

@laura.shearer##hotcocoabomb ##gianthcb ##itsafloater ##superexcited ##baking ##chocolate ##hotcocoa ##marshmallows @oli_oli_oxen_free @shaneshearer0♬ original sound – Laura Shearer

We love this idea for family gatherings, but we’ll stick to the store-bought, individual-sized hot cocoa bombs and these festive hot chocolate bombs from Target for now.

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