These 3-Ingredient White Claw Slushies Are Taking Over TikTok

Don't wait until summer to enjoy this White Claw drink!

TikTok—the wildly popular social media app—has been serving up all kinds of food-related trends to save us from boredom. In the past few weeks, we’ve learned the best way to seal a chip bag, how to make this gorgeous whipped coffee and the three ingredients you need for easy creme brulee.

Now, boozy White Claw slushies are having their moment in the spotlight, and we’re totally here for it.

How to Make White Claw Slushies at Home

The popularity of White Claw combined with the popularity of TikTok is the perfect storm for at-home bartenders. There are tons of “how to” videos, but quite simply you only need three ingredients: a can of White Claw, ice and some fruit—fresh or frozen.

Put the White Claw, ice and fruit in a blender. Then, blend until it’s nice and smooth. That’s all!

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Get Creative With Your Slushies

Many of the people creating these drinks on TikTok are going with a Black Cherry-flavored White Claw as their base, but we want to give this a whirl with some of White Claw’s newest flavors—like Lemon, Watermelon and Tangerine.

If you’re feeling super creative, try adding a splash of ginger ale or a shot of liquor to the mix before it hits the blender. We’ve seen these frozen drinks mixed with vodka, rum and tequila. Throw on your favorite pair of sunglasses, raise a glass and enjoy. You’ve earned a break!

Next up: Learn our best tips for how to make frozen drinks so you can create your own recipe!

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