The Secret Technique for Gorgeous Baked Goods

Here's our simple trick for baked goods with a polished look!

I learned about this baking secret when shooting a how-to video for our Slow Cooker Cinnamon Roll recipe. It’s a heavenly breakfast—but the sticky dough needs to be sliced with precision in order to create a braid. You’ll need a serrated bread knife and some cooking spray, like Pam.

Here’s the Trick…

1. It starts like many other sweet breads and baked goods. Roll up your dough jelly-roll style.

Rolling up cinnamon rollTaste of Home

2. Now comes the surprise. Spray your knife with cooking spray, then slice the roll of dough vertically. You’ll be able to slice through dough like a hot knife through butter!

Revealing the pattern within the cinnamon rollTaste of Home

3. Twist—and voila. A beautiful design is revealed.

Twisting cinnamon roll doughTaste of Home

The spray-and-cut helps make a spectacular cinnamon roll, but the technique can be used on all sorts of braided breads—and other baked goods, too.

How to Use the Technique Over and Over

Wreath-Shaped Breads

To create a wreath-shaped bread, form your dough into a ring. Then, coat your knife with cooking spray as you cut and turn the slices out, making this marvelous Chocolate Walnut Ring.

Chocolate Walnut Ring
Taste of Home

Sliced Cookies

Cut the slices all the way through to create these whimsical Baked Elephant Ears, just as good as any farmers market!

Baked Elephant Ears Recipe photo
Taste of Home

Pull-Apart Breads

Got a savory tooth instead of sweet? Reach for a recipe like the irresistible Tomato-Basil Pull-Apart Rolls.

Tomato-Basil Pull-Apart Rolls Recipe photo
Taste of Home

No matter which recipe you choose, spraying the knife with cooking spray between cuts gives you crisp, clean, show-it-off-worthy results. Why not add ’em all to your baking bucket list?

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