We’re Obsessed with this Tradition from Southern Weddings… And You Will Be, Too

If you've never heard of a charm cake or a cake pull, prepare to be amazed.

Bride holding out a white-painted pedestal with a single-tier cake sporting pink and white carnations on its left side

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If you’ve ever been to a traditional southern wedding, you probably noticed some unique customs. Maybe the new couple served everyone their own signature drink in a mason jar or buried a bottle of bourbon to prevent it from raining. While we’re fans of any tradition that makes the day more memorable, we have to admit that the cake pull tradition is one of the cutest we’ve heard of. (Try these tips for more backyard party perfection.)

The tradition called “cake pull” involves baking a “charm cake” with sterling silver pieces hidden under the lowest level or between the layers of the wedding cake. The charms are connected to ribbons reaching outside the cake. Before the bride and groom cut the cake, participants tug them out to reveal the charm. Each charm has a special meaning-an anchor for adventure, a wishbone for success, a heart for new love or a ring for the next to get married. A bride can choose for each of the ribbons to be the same, so that each charm is a surprise to everyone, or she can designate certain ribbons with name tags to give especially meaningful charms to particular pullers.

Typically, charm pulls are reserved for unmarried bridesmaids, but brides occasionally mix it up, depending on who is in attendance. We can’t think of a sweeter way to wish everyone at your wedding the best.

Have you ever done a cake pull at a wedding before? What was your charm? Let us know!

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