Target’s Cheese Advent Calendar Is Back on Our Wish List This Christmas

Grab this cheese advent calendar and start the countdown!

If you’ve never heard of the food blog “So Wrong It’s Nom,” here’s a primer. It’s the brainchild of British food blogger Annem Hobson, who took the Internet by storm in 2017 with her cheese Advent calendar—a savory take on the traditional chocolate Advent calendar. It instantly became a massive hit in the U.K., piquing the curiosity (and palates) of many cheese aficionados this side of the Atlantic. Happily, for those of us who missed out on this viral moment in foodie pop culture, there is plenty of time to right that wrong.

When and Where to Get a Cheese Advent Calendar

Courtesy of Annem Hobson and, of course, Target, the wildly popular (and highly anticipated) 24-count cheese Advent calendar is back on shelves this year. Hello, hostess gifts! And teacher appreciation gifts. And maybe one just to nibble on at home because, you know, we’re the ones who make all this holiday magic happen and that takes a lot of err…protein. What makes this one so special is that it won’t chew a hole in your wallet, retailing at $20. The schtick with Advent calendars is they tend to disappear pretty quickly, so don’t be shy about taking the sleigh over to Target and snagging your own. The cheese Advent calendars are also available at Jewel, Lidl, Meijer, Publix, Schnucks, Sprouts and SuperValu. The calendars are in stores in November, and the full list will be posted on Hobson’s blog.

Psst: You can also stock up on these awesome Aldi advent calendars.

So What About the Cheese Inside?

So what sort of sampling can you expect from this edible Advent-inspired treat? Well, that’s a secret. What we do know is that Hobson is once again working with Norseland, Ilchester, meaning Applewood, Mexicana and Jarlsberg are bound to make a reappearance. This time, the calendar features seven varieties and a limited edition “surprise” cheese we can’t wait to crack open.

Last year, there were five varieties, curated with help from Somerset, U.K.-based Norseland. The calendar included sweet and nutty Jarlsberg; smoky, paprika-dusted Applewood cheddar; and two types of Ilchester cheddar (one earthy and tangy and the other more smooth and nutty). The fifth variety was a limited edition Ilchester—the gold-award winning Wensleydale with cranberries, a creamy and smooth cheese punctuated with festive cranberries. We can’t wait to see what Annem Hobson and Target has in store for us (literally)! Here’s an Advent calendar for everyone on your list—little ones included.

If you’re planning to gift it, keep in mind that this cheesy countdown calendar requires refrigeration. And if it’s someone you really, really like, check out our cheesiest gift ideas for cheese lovers (I’ll take one of each).

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