Taco Bell Is Debuting a New ‘Go Mobile’ Store—and It’s Completely Contactless

The future is now, Taco Bell fans.

In 2019, no one expected social distancing to become part of our daily lives. But now we’re constantly figuring out how to stay six feet apart, whether that means going through the drive-thru rather than eating in or signing up for grocery delivery.

If anything good has come out of this, it’s the explosion of delivery options that are now available; we can get everything from bananas to Cracker Barrel dropped off on our doorstep. Plus, most restaurants offer the option to do curbside pickup. Now, Taco Bell is taking things a step further and proposing future stores that are totally contact-free. Here’s how that would work.

How Is the New Taco Bell Different?

The “Go Mobile” locations differ from traditional Bells in that there’s less space to sit inside; they’re designed for drive-thru ordering.

According to Taco Bell’s proposed layout, there’ll be two lanes—one for customers who haven’t placed an order yet and one for people who’ve already ordered through the app. You drive up, choose the appropriate lane and drive away with your surprisingly healthy meal. It’s that easy (and of course, curbside pickup’s an option, too).

Taco Bell hopes to make it even easier to “Go Mobile” by adding features to its app that’ll let customers know how to pick up their order: curbside, the mobile-order express lane or going into the store.

When Can I Go to These Stores?

If you’re ready to go contact-free at Taco Bell, you might have to wait a little while. The stores aren’t opening until early next year. The traditional, dine-in style restaurant isn’t going anywhere, but some regular locations might be retrofitted for Go Mobile.

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