The New Sweet Corn Pringles Taste JUST Like Buttered Corn on the Cob

You can find them at Walgreens—but not for long.

One of my favorite memories is of going to a sweet corn festival every summer in my small Illinois town. There were tubs and tubs of unshucked corn on the cob just ready to be roasted and submerged in a gallon jar of melted butter. You read that right: a gallon of melted butter. It was amazing, and that cemented my love of corn on the cob.

My Midwestern heartstrings couldn’t help but be plucked when I saw the new flavor Pringles just announced: Sweet Corn!

What Makes This Flavor Special?

To start, they’re inspired by one of the greatest summer foods in existence. Besides that, though, the famously stackable potato chip brand has made a crispy chip that tastes so much like butter-dunked sweet corn on the cob that you won’t even be able to tell the difference! The flavors of cooked sweet corn and creamy butter are perfectly infused into this timeless snack, and they’re a great substitute when you don’t have tubs of corn at your disposal.

We already know Pringles has some of the most memorable flavors out there, and we also know they’re not afraid to experiment with new ones. Their Reuben Pringles are a testament to that (and also, very delicious).

Where to Buy Sweet Corn Pringles

These new Pringles are a limited edition flavor, so they’re not going to be around forever, unfortunately. Luckily, they’re available at Walgreens right now, so grab a tube the next time you visit.

It’s still important that we’re shopping for food in a smart way. Remember to practice social distancing and safe grocery shopping!

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