Stanley Tucci Is Bringing the Gift of Pastina Back for the Holiday Season

Just when we thought we couldn't love Stanley Tucci more, we found out he's making our dreams of pastina returning come true. Here's how.

At the beginning of 2023, we received devastating culinary news: Ronzoni pastina was being discontinued. Gasp! Fans across the internet came together to mourn the nostalgic star-shaped pasta amid the news. I mean, a bowl of pastina is a classic Italian pasta generations grew up loving.

So leave it to Stanley Tucci to save the treasured pasta from demise. After all, the Searching for Italy host, actor and cookbook author has guided us through many a delicious Italian recipe. (Have you tried his divine six-ingredient pasta casserole yet?) If anyone can rescue a pasta to restock in our pantries, it would be Tucci.

Thanks to a new collaboration between Tucci and S.Pellegrino (whose company logo is, ironically, a star), fans can celebrate the holidays with the comfort of the homey pasta. Introducing the limited-time debut of S.Pellegrino stelline, aka the best holiday gift we could’ve asked for this season.

Here’s How Stanley Tucci and S.Pellegrino Are Reviving Pastina

Stanley Tucci S.pellegrino Pastina Kit Matt Holyoak Productions LtdMatt Holyoak Productions LTD./Courtesy S. Pellegrino

Tucci and S.Pellegrino are helping pastina fans nationwide fill their pantries with pastina, thanks to the release of a limited-edition recipe kit. The recipe kit—stocked with two bags of pastina, Italian products and other fresh staple ingredients—means anyone can whip up the two classic Italian pastina dishes.

“When we heard how dismayed fans were when one of their favorite pasta shapes was discontinued earlier this year, we wanted to find a way to help…along with help from our friend Stanley Tucci,” explains Sara Mayer, senior marketing manager at S.Pellegrino, in a press release.

Called Stelline Two Ways, fans can use the kit to make brodo di gallina con polpettine di pollo (chicken soup with tiny chicken meatballs) and pastina classica (Tucci’s pastina version). Ah, we can practically smell the hearty pasta recipes already!

How to Enjoy Pastina, According to Stanley Tucci

Stanley Tucci S.pellegrino Pastina Two Ways Kit Evan Kalman Courtesy S.PellegrinoEvan Kalman/Courtesy S. Pellegrino

In an interview with Taste of Home, Tucci says the recipes in the meal kit are simple and “very straightforward.” The meal kits are set up so “it’s all sort of there for you—you [do] have to do certain steps but not a huge amount.”

The first meal, brodo di gallina is one Tucci describes as “ridiculously delicious” and something his aunt made for Thanksgiving and throughout winter. Especially when one was sick. He said it’s an elevated take on chicken noodle soup made with hearty vegetables, handmade chicken meatballs and San Pellegrino’s stelline pasta. It’s also versatile. As Tucci explains, it can be cooked in a pot, pressure cooker, Instant Pot and slow cooker.

The second dish, pastina classica is made with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, butter and the stelline pasta. For fans missing the simple yet heartwarming comfort food, this dish is for you.

When can I get a Stanley Tucci pastina kit?

Interested pastina fans can get their hands on Stanley Tucci’s Stelline Two Ways recipe kit now! The kits are even available on a special website dedicated to the collaboration. Don’t wait long if you’re interested though, as the kits are only available for a limited-time while supplies last.

Fans can further expect weekly drops of the kits on November 8, November 15 and November 27. In other words, there are plenty of opportunities to stock up on beloved pastina. The kits are $89 (which includes 2-day shipping). Well worth it for the pastina fan in your life.

“I’m honored to share my traditions with fans with this delicious recipe kit and play a role in bringing the classic star-shaped pasta to the many Americans who’ve been missing it,” Tucci says. As for us, we couldn’t agree more. When it comes to the pastina, the more the merrier this holiday season, indeed.

Jessica Kaplan
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