Reese’s Thins Are Coming, and We’re Eating the Whole Bag

Ever wanted Reese's without the extra calories? Now you can curb your craving with all-new Reese's Thins.

The Reese’s bouquet melted our hearts for Valentine’s Day, but the folks at Reese’s aren’t done yet. After indulging us in our favorite flavor combination for the season of love, Reese’s has rolled out their newest creation: Reese’s Thins.

Reese’s Thins Prove That Less Is More

If you’re devoted to Reese’s but can’t stomach the calories, you’re in luck! Reese’s Thins give you all the same peanut buttery sweetness in a 40% smaller package. AND they’ll only cost you 170 calories per serving. They’re especially handy if you love the taste of Reese’s, but can’t handle too much sweetness.

The smaller cups come in milk chocolate and dark chocolate, satisfying everyone’s cravings. They’re individually wrapped and stuffed into a 7-oz. bag perfect for sharing. If you’re anything like us and want to hoard all these skinny cups for yourself, you can get a 3 oz. bag.

We’ve seen similar variations with Oreos (Thins and Most-Stuf), and we’re thinking Reese’s might be following their lead. Does that mean there’s a non-seasonal, extra large Reese’s cup hitting stores soon? Fingers crossed!

Did you hear the rumors about Reese’s being discontinued?

Where to Find This Treat

Reese’s Thins are said to be hitting shelves in March of this year, but Walmart’s website suggests they’re already in stores. The milk chocolate version is, at least. While it doesn’t look like you can get yourself a bag online just yet, we’re hoping they’ll be available for shipping soon. (What’s better than getting Reese’s delivered right to your door?)

You won’t be spending too much for a bag of these beauties. The 3-oz. bag will only set you back a whopping $2.49. Alternatively, the 7-oz. bag is only being sold for a little more at $4.09 (closer to $3.48 at Walmart).

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