5 Excellent Reasons to Try Grocery Delivery This Week

You have a hundred things on your to-do list–or more. Something's got to give! It's time to get your groceries delivered.

Think about using 10 minutes to click-to-order ingredients for a delicious green salad or roasted chicken for this week’s meal plan. You get back the hour you would’ve spent grocery shopping, can spend more time actually cooking for family and friends, and you’ll save $$ to boot.

Easy ordering through Amazon Fresh, plus delivery or pick-up from Walmart, Kroger and many other regional chains, tells us that grocery delivery isn’t a luxury anymore. It’s a real option for the everyday family–here’s why.

Before you put your order in, check out all of the stores doing grocery delivery and pickup.

1. Save a Huge Amount of Time

With all of us trying to do as much as possible in a day, having your groceries delivered would save you 53 hours per year. (Yes, the reported average shopping time for most Americans is 41 minutes per trip with 1.5 weekly visits.) This means that you can dedicate more time to being with the ones you love plus some alone time as well.

2. Skip Impulse Buys

Sure—you may be worried about delivery fees to get your items to your doorstep. You can usually skip that cost by ordering the minimum dollar amount. Considering that the average family spends at least $146 per week on groceries, that shouldn’t be an issue!

But more importantly, online shopping can help you focus on your list instead of being distracted by the tempting treats placed on the endcaps or at the checkout. When you don’t see those chocolate chip cookies, you can’t be tempted to buy them.

To save even more, check out all our tips for budget-friendly grocery shopping.

3. Take Advantage of Weekly Deals

If the idea of missing out on in-store specials has you afraid to try grocery delivery, don’t fret. There are online specials, too. (Including some that brick-and-mortar shoppers won’t get.) No more driving to two or three different supermarkets to find items that were advertised in the weekly circular. Instead, with a click of a button, you’ll add all the sale items to your virtual cart.

4. Use Easy “Clipless” Coupons

Some grocery chains make it simple for you to use manufacturer’s coupons as you shop. Apply them to items in your virtual cart with ease! Not only will that save you money, but time as well. Searching through weekly flyers and clipping coupons, and remembering to bring them to the store, can be daunting, especially if couponing isn’t your thing. But if couponing is your thing, here are some almost-magic couponing secrets.

5. Filter Based on Dietary Restrictions

If you have special dietary restrictions, most shopping sites allow you to filter or search products based on needs such as gluten-free, kosher, organic, or even sugar-free. This allows you to focus on making our best gluten-free recipes instead of reading labels endlessly.

We hope grocery delivery will make your family’s life easier–and that you’ll think of us next time you fill your online grocery cart!

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