This U.S. Map Shows Where People REALLY Love Pumpkin Spice

You may be thoroughly surprised by the results!

We’re falling pretty fast into the next season—my favorite one! Not only for the beautiful colors on the trees and crisp, breezy weather, but also for the quintessential autumn scents and flavors. Not only is it the perfect season for apple pies and pumpkin pies galore, but the smell of cinnamon is basically everywhere. Honestly…my dream!

But let’s get real for a second. Everyone’s waiting impatiently for one specific thing, and yes, you already know what that one thing is: pumpkin spice! Now, with this handy-dandy map, we can officially see which states just can’t get enough.

What States Love Pumpkin Spice the Most?

Instacart recently determined which states are buying more pumpkin spice products than everyone else. Keep in mind, the map was drawn based on which residents buy the most and least amount of pumpkin spice products compared to the national average.

Which state loves pumpkin spice the most, you ask? Well, it’s none other than West Virginia! They purchase 122% more pumpkin spice items than the national average. They’re not messing around over in WV!

Map of pumpkin spice popularity in americaVia

Following closely behind them are these states:

  • Iowa (90% more likely to buy pumpkin spice than the national average)
  • North Carolina (62%)
  • Ohio (60%)
  • Wisconsin (58%)
  • Pennsylvania (53%)
  • South Carolina (50%)

You’ll be shocked at what states actually come in below the national average. The whole Northeast is cold on pumpkin. And according to the map, Hawaii buys -65% less than the national average while Louisiana buys -42% less.

How can you have fall without pumpkin spice, am I right?

See what coffee chain has the best pumpkin spice latte.

What Are the Best Pumpkin Spice Products?

Instacart mentions that companies are releasing pumpkin spice products earlier and earlier each year. It’s to keep up with the constant demand by consumers—and for good reason. It’s always pumpkin season in my heart, so the earlier I can buy more, the better!

The top pumpkin spice products (as purchased through Instacart) are cereal, ground coffee and packaged cookies. Makes sense, right? You can get your own fall flavors with Aldi’s pumpkin spice products or the Starbucks fall menu.

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