3 Things You Need to Do with Your Kitchen Cabinets, According to the Property Brothers

Thinking about a kitchen cabinet refresh? Check out these pro tips from HGTV stars Jonathan and Drew Scott.

For cooks, the kitchen is the heart of the home, filled with family, friends and, of course, food. This high-traffic area needs to be durable, practical and, if all of our dreams come true, stylish. For those of us who live in older homes with outdated fixtures, kitchen remodels make a lot of sense, but that doesn’t mean they’re any less intimidating. So why not take some advice from the pros?

We all know Jonathan and Drew Scott, aka the Property Brothers. They have a track record of taking on not-so-pretty kitchens and turning them into a homeowner’s dream space. Naturally, we turned to them for some pro tips and kitchen cabinet ideas.

3 Tips for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Add a Pop of Color to Every Kitchen

Who said your kitchen has to be boring? No one, ever! It doesn’t need to be overwhelmed with color, but your kitchen is still part of your home, so it also doesn’t need to have a bland palette.

In an all-white kitchen, Jonathan and Drew recommend adding a bit of color. Neutrals or white combined with light blues, mild, earthy greens or even black add just the right amount of contrast while still keeping things airy and clean. Two-tone cabinets are also trendy right now. Keep your DIY project tidy with painting tips from Jonathan and Drew.

Don’t Be Afraid of Height

If you have space, use it. For kitchens that may be lacking square feet or surface area, the Scott brothers aren’t afraid to build up instead of out.

Cabinets that are placed out of reach aren’t the most practical for everyday storage. However, they are perfect for baking supplies or seasonal dishes that you may only use a few times a year. It’s better to have extra space than not!

Add Plenty of Personal Accents

Color doesn’t have to be the only interesting thing about your kitchen. Look for hardware, fixtures and accent pieces that complement your style and space. Remember, you’re remodeling your kitchen—the design rules are up to you.

Jonathan and Drew used antique glass panels to create a glamorous look in the house above. With the right accessories, your cabinets can be a tasteful point of interest in your kitchen.

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