Everyone Should Have This Set of Beautiful, Shimmering Le Creuset Mugs

This set of perfect-for-spring Le Creuset mugs is just the thing to add a touch of class to your coffee.

There’s so much to celebrate about spring, and Le Creuset just added more to our list. Feast your eyes on the glimmering mugs that the French company announced on Instagram. The new Glacé collection is stocked with what the company dubbed “pearlised on-trend pastel Stoneware pieces.”

What makes the set so special?

These elegant new additions come in four gorgeous, magical pastel colors! They look like something you’d find in a unicorn’s kitchen, if a unicorn both existed and had a kitchen. Each set includes Pearlised Chiffon Pink, Elysees Yellow, Pale Coastal Blue and Cool Mint. The names might be a bit dramatic, but the colors are just the opposite: soft and delicate.

Their pearly finish isn’t just pretty, though. It creates an impermeable enamel that makes each piece resistant to scratches and chips, which might make the collection worth the splurge. Each piece, of course, is accented with Le Creuset’s signature three rings along the exterior, but otherwise appear plain enough to sit on the table without clashing with your other drinkware.

(Is Le Creuset’s stoneware the best out there? We compare ceramic with cast iron—and a few other things—here.)

Where can I buy the Le Creuset mugs?

If you’re located in the U.K., you can buy a set of four coffee mugs online, in addition to egg cups, mini ramekins and dip bowls. And if it seemed these mugs couldn’t get any cuter, they went ahead and made an espresso mug version that’s the stuff you dreamed of as a tea-partying kid.

There’s also an adorable pink teapot and blue petite cafetiere (or French press) available on their own. The mugs are listed on Le Creuset’s website for £55, (roughly $71—whoa). The other items in the collection are less pricey, with some offered for £30 or $39.

Le Creuset isn’t the only company with new products on the market. Have you seen the new super-deep Pyrex baking dishes?

What’s available here?

Until the glorious day Le Creuset releases these pastel mugs stateside (here’s hoping!), there’s another line of Le Creuset metallic mugs available in the U.S. They’ve got the same pearly finish, but the colors are more traditional. Fortunately, the U.S. set includes six mugs instead of just four. It’s currently offered for $80, which is more affordable per mug than the new Glacé line, and not quite as shocking when you consider their 10-year warranty—on mugs, seriously!—and the fact that they’re dishwasher-safe. Hallelujah.

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