OXO Prep and Go Is Making Lunch Prep Easy with NEW Leakproof Containers

This new line from OXO has everything you need to prep, store and take your meals on the go. It's so useful, you'll want the entire collection.

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Those eat-at-your-desk lunches are about to get so much better and fresher tasting thanks to the new lineup of OXO Prep and Go containers, utensils, bags and accessories. We already called out OXO for giving us some of the best cookie storage containers so it’s no surprise we’re super psyched about the brand new OXO food prep containers!

They’re fantastic to have on hand for everything from meal prep and leftovers to picnics and school lunches. Here’s everything you need to know about the new OXO Prep and Go line. Kiss your soggy sandwich days goodbye, friend.

What Is OXO Prep and Go?

OXO Prep and Go is a full system of leakproof containers designed to take meals on the go without worrying about spills, sauce stains or other lunchtime dramas. The newly-launched collection is a major upgrade from your typical plastic containers, thanks to a sleeker design and dishwasher-safe construction. (These are the best dishwasher detergents if you’re wondering.) The matching reusable utensils and storage containers help you live your eco-friendliest life by kicking single-use plastics to the curb.

The dozens of new styles also boast modern elements. They come in a variety of sizes with unique features like colander baskets, divided plates and sections (you’ll never have a soggy sandwich again, and that alone is worth celebrating), and containers to hold soups, salads and grain bowls. There’s even an option to buy coordinating reusable ice packs to keep all your favorite packed foods cold till you’re ready to nosh. Much of the collection offers air-tight seals that help keep food fresher for far longer, too. And leakproof? Definitely!

What Are Our Favorite Products?

Some standouts from the line include an extremely affordable Prep & Go Silicone Squeeze Bottle. It’s an easy way to tote everything from extra virgin olive oil to the best salad dressings for people with diabetes. The ever-functional 4.1-Cup Divided Container makes for complete meals with sides and snacks. The stainless steel utensils feature their own nifty carrying case. Wondering why you might want to invest in reusable utensils to begin with? The combined cost-savings, reduced carbon footprint and health impact of no germy hands on your forks is nearly priceless.

Where Can You Buy OXO Prep and Go?

Glad you asked, because you’re definitely going to want the entire collection. Or at least the sizes and models that simplify your own back-to-work-and-school game plan. Pro tip: this line is also great for packing up leftovers and storing food in the family fridge.

The OXO Prep & Go collection starts at just $4.99 for dishwasher-safe silicone squeeze bottles for your favorite condiments and goes up to $49.99 for a 20-piece complete set that offers everything you’ll need for a full week of meal preparation for one person. Everything is available for purchase on the OXO website, and some items are for sale at Macy’s.com, Amazon and Bed Bath and Beyond.

Our suggestion? Shop them quickly because this sleek, stylish new drop from OXO is bound to sell quickly. Just remember to get your gear back—these definitely aren’t the containers you want to give away come holiday cookie season.

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