Oreo Brought Back the Perfect Christmas Gift for Cookie Lovers

Santa’s going to LOVE his milk & cookies this year!

Developing the perfect cookie dunking technique is no easy feat. How are you supposed to dunk a cookie in milk perfectly, without the cookie slipping to the bottom—or getting milk all over your fingers? This is especially difficult for a cookie like the Oreo, which we all know tastes absolutely delicious dunked in milk (along with these dunk-worthy cookie recipes). But its deliciousness can’t solve the issue of knowing the perfect amount of time for an Oreo dunk before it breaks apart and falls at the bottom of your cup.

Thankfully, Frankford Candy has responded to our dunking woes and made the absolute perfect holiday gift for all Oreo cookie-dunking lovers: The Ultimate Dunking Set.

And it’s back in stores on November 1!

Is This for Real?

Yes, it’s real, and it’s magical. The Ultimate Dunking Set comes with three Oreo cookie pouches, a mug, a cookie cage (where the Oreos will sit during your dunking session), a cookie tong and a napkin. The cookie cage can attach to your mug so you can easily pick it up with one hand and bring it to the couch, table, desk, bed…or wherever else you like to enjoy your Oreo cookies. Maybe the bathtub? No judgment here! It also comes in a box covered in snowflakes and topped with a handle. Just add a big red bow and it’s the perfect gift for under the tree!

If you know an Oreo-loving couple, it’s the ultimate gift. The Oreo Cookie Dunking Set will be available exclusively at Walmart for $18 this holiday season.

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Love Oreos? Try This Recipe

Even if you’re a huge Oreo fan or not at all, there’s one thing we can all agree on: Santa’s going to love dunking his cookies with this dunking set at your house!

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