I Tried the Nutribullet Brew Choice Coffeemaker and It Changed My Mornings!

The Nutribullet Brew Choice totally transformed my busy family's morning routine for the better.

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I don’t want to say coffee is the most important part of my morning, but it definitely fuels me to get through an a.m. routine that includes five kids and a full workload as a Home Editor with Taste of Home.

When I got the chance to review the Nutribullet Brew Choice Coffeemaker, I was excited (coffee is life, after all), but I wasn’t expecting it to be the best coffee machine I’ve ever owned. But after using it for months, that’s where I am. I love it. The Nutribullet Brew Choice has totally transformed my coffee drinking routine and cleared excess clutter from my overcrowded kitchen.

What Is the Nutribullet Brew Choice Coffeemaker?

The Nutribullet Brew Choice coffeemaker is an all-in-one coffee machine that both brews piping hot drip coffee and has K-Cup compatibility all in one device. It brews a full 12-cup carafe of your favorite coffee using grounds in a traditional reusable filter, or you can pop in any K-Cup for a single-serving quick brew. The machine includes a reusable K-Cup that can easily be filled with any of your favorite ground coffees beans.

It’s perfect for when I have several people to serve and need the full carafe, and then I can go ahead and offer single-serving pods of specialty sustainable coffee brands, decaf and even pre-sweetened drinks that I don’t need to brew in large batches.

The best part? You don’t have to be a full-on technical genius to set up the coffeemaker, because the Brew Sense technology manages all the presets and thinking for you. All you have to do is decide which style you’d like to brew, choose your size settings and push start.

How to Use the Nutribullet Brew Choice Coffeemaker

Setting up the Brew Choice takes less than a minute, and just about anyone can do it. If you already own other Nutribullet appliances like the brand’s famous cordless blender, you know they’re designed to be user-friendly and a cinch to start. All you need to do is pop the Nutribullet Brew Choice on the counter, plug it in and fill the water reservoir in the back to your desired level. Then you simply open the top of the machine to choose from either a traditional grounds insert or K-Cup holder. After closing the lid, choose the selected brew size and the machine begins to work its magic instantly.

K-Cups can be brewed in six, eight and 10-ounce serving portions. The traditional grounds-ready carafe makes up to 10 cups. The reusable filters make using all types of coffee easy to do, whether you’re into rare blends or popular coffee shop drinks. Buying a coffee maker that lets you choose what to do with your used grounds is a shortcut to using leftovers in your garden compost or even cooking with coffee in creative ways.

What I Loved: My Nutribullet Brew Choice Coffeemaker Review

I have a busy household with five little kids. We start early in the day to get the kids out the door in time for school, so my husband usually brews a small carafe for us to share early in the morning. It’s perfect for us to have two oversized pours as the sun is rising. I work from home though, and by the time I make it back from carpool and through my first major batch of emails, I’m ready for a second cup. That’s when I like to switch over to the K-Cup function and brew a steamy 10-ounce portion of something special. I like lighter brews than my husband does, so it’s also a great way to skip compromising when it’s just my cup.

The Nutribullet Brew Choice is also fantastic for de-cluttering the kitchen counter, and that feature alone is such an unsung hero. We have a medium-size kitchen, but keeping a clutter-free counter just feels and looks nicer, and makes me happier. Instead of my old drip machine and a small Keurig, I now have this one slim device.


  • Brews both traditional grounds for drip coffee and K-Cups in one machine.
  • Clears countertop clutter at 15 inches tall by 7.87 inches wide by 14.65 inches deep.
  • Easy to use without any special setup.
  • Makes as much or as little coffee as you need almost instantly.
  • Reasonably priced under $150


  • I wish it came in more colors to match a wider variety of kitchen designs. (Wouldn’t white look nice against my cabinets?)
  • It only comes with one reusable drip filter and one reusable K-Cup pod. It would be helpful to have a backup of each.

Where to Buy the Nutribullet Brew Choice Coffeemaker

You can purchase the Nutribullet Brew Choice coffeemaker on Nutribullet’s website for just under $140. It’s also available at a handful of other popular retailers including Target, Kohl’s and Best Buy. If you want one (trust me—the added counter space alone is worth it), you should order it quickly before it sells out ahead of the holiday shopping season. Your mornings are about to get a whole lot better. Amp them up with more of our favorite small appliances from the NutriBullet catalog.

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