The Girl Scouts Just Announced a Brand-New Cookie for 2023

This is the new Girl Scout Cookie we've been waiting for.

You know what comes right after New Year’s? That’s right—Girl Scout Cookie season, and we’re already gearing up to order a few boxes. Most people buy Thin Mints (officially the best Girl Scout Cookie) by the boxful, but I look forward to the release of a new flavor each year.

Girl Scout Cookie flavors come and go—plenty of them have been discontinued—but there’s nothing like the excitement of knowing the latest flavor!

The New Girl Scout Cookie for 2023 Will Be… Raspberry Rally

Thin Mints are almost every state’s favorite Girl Scout Cookie, so it’s no surprise that the latest cookie plays off this fan favorite. The new cookie is thin and crispy, but it’s infused with raspberry flavor instead of mint. It’s dipped in the same delicious chocolaty coating. You can bet we’ll order tons of boxes!

New Girl Scout Cookie Raspberry Rally Courtesy Girl ScoutsCourtesy Girl Scouts of the USA

This cookie is the first ever to be offered exclusively via direct online shipping. Not only does this help the Girl Scouts sell more, but you’ll be able to get your favorite cookies at your doorstep by ordering ’em online.

What Do They Taste Like?

Unpopular opinion: I’m not a fan of Thin Mints, because I’m often overwhelmed by the minty taste. When I got an early sample of the Raspberry Rallys, I was nervous, but they’re definitely worth the hype. The new cookies have a mild chocolaty flavor and a not-too-sweet raspberry taste that I really enjoyed! I thought they could use some more tang, but that opinion didn’t keep me from munching on them throughout the day.

When Is Girl Scout Cookie Season?

Girl Scout Cookie season usually runs from January to April, so we’re counting down the days. Local sales vary, so keep an eye out for Girl Scout Cookie stalls or sign up on the Girl Scouts website to be notified when cookie sales start in your area.

Remember, they’re not only delicious, they’re also for a good cause—so order as many boxes as you want!

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