Girl Scouts Will Be Selling This Brand-New Cookie in 2020

Get ready to order an all-new Girl Scout cookie.

The Girl Scouts are hitting the streets to raise money for the movement that’s kept girls everywhere united since 1912. We love showing our support, but there’s something else we really look forward to—cookie season.

Girl Scout cookies are the pleasure you don’t have to feel guilty about since it’s for a good cause, so we’re always buying as many boxes as we can carry. Who can say no to the most beloved Girl Scout cookie in America?

This year, a new Girl Scout cookie will appear on the order sheet. Look out for tart and crispy Lemon-Ups!

It’s the Sweetest Part of Cookie Season

Drop that box of last year’s Caramel Chocolate Chip Girl Scout cookies. The citrusy Lemon-Ups pack your favorite fruit into a decadent shortbread cookie you’ll love to savor. Each cookie comes stamped with quotes inspired by real Girl Scout entrepreneurs like “I am a leader” and “I am a go-getter.” Lemon-Ups feature eight phrases in total and will replace Savannah Smiles.

Each box contains 12 cookies for your munching pleasure. The serving size is technically two cookies for 140 calories, but if you’re anything like us, two just won’t be enough. The new Girl Scout cookie will be sold along with the classic Lemonade cookies.

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But They Won’t Be Here for Long

Girl Scout cookie season typically starts between January and April, depending on your local cookie council. (Yeah, that’s a thing!) Each season lasts for around six to eight weeks, so you’ve only got a little time to get your hands on your favorite varieties. Lemon-Ups are being released in markets where Savannah Smiles cookies were offered last year. Grab your box quick, because Lemon-Ups are only available while supplies last.

To find out when the Girl Scouts start selling near you, check out this finder on the Girl Scout website. Don’t have the dough right now? Aldi sells copycat Girl Scout cookies year-round that taste just like the real deal.

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