Most-Stuf Oreos Are a Frosting Lover’s Dream Come True

Move over, Double Stuf—Most-Stuf Oreos might be on the way.

If your favorite part of an Oreo cookie is the filling, this might sound too good to be true. Based on a photo from The Junk Food Aisle, it looks like Oreo might be rolling out “Most-Stuf Oreos,” with extra frosting sandwiched between the crispy chocolate wafers.

The Instagram account shared the photo of Most-Stuf Oreos earlier this month, but Oreo hasn’t confirmed the news yet. Still, plenty of fans are already sharing their excitement about the rumors. It looks like for true frosting lovers, there’s no such thing as too much Oreo filling.

How Much Filling Will Most-Stuf Oreos Have?

Considering the fact that Double Stuf Oreos already exist, the rumored “Most-Stuf” Oreos would have to have even more filling than those. So if Oreo does release the cookie, it stands to reason that the “Most-Stuf” version could have triple—or even more—the filling, as compared with the original Oreo cookies.

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When Will the Most-Stuf Oreos Be Released?

Unfortunately, there’s not much information on this front. Since Nabisco hasn’t officially confirmed the news yet, there’s no set date for when the creme-filled treats might be available at your local grocery store.

In the meantime, though, there are plenty of other Oreo products that will satisfy any creme lover’s sweet tooth. There are the Oreos for Mickey Mouse’s birthday, for example, and the holiday season tends to bring out limited-edition flavors and fillings. There’s no word yet on what products Oreo will offer this holiday season, but there are bound to be plenty of delicious options. And if you’re a mega Oreo lover, try this loaded M&M’s Oreo cookie bar recipe.

Hopefully, Nabisco will confirm the news soon—it’s not fair to keep icing lovers in the dark about the delicious-sounding treat.

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