Sneak Peek: This M&M’s Coffee Creamer Is Coming to Stores in 2021

Just a splash of this M&M's coffee creamer will make your whole day so much sweeter!

As much as we love Starbucks—and the way a spicy PSL banishes our morning grogginess—sometimes we crave a home-brewed cup o’ joe. If you’re anything like me, though, there’s no indulging in your daily pick-me-up without something sweet to take the edge off. Coffee Mate has been my go-to coffee creamer for years, especially with limited edition flavors like red velvet creamer and Funfetti creamer.

Now, Coffee Mate is ready to make our mornings sweet with the debut of Milk Chocolate M&M’s coffee creamer!

Is This Candy in a Coffee Mug?

Yes! Your favorite chocolate candy is headed to the coffee aisle. M&M’s coffee creamer—totally decked out in that brown wrapper we all know and love—is 32 fluid ounces of goodness all wrapped up in one convenient bottle. Naturally, the creamer brings together notes of that smooth, chocolate M&M’s filling with a hard candy coating, making your at-home latte so much sweeter.

But that’s not all. Coffee Mate is also rolling out the Unlocked line: a collection of coffee creamers that taste like, well, coffee! The first Unlocked coffee creamers set to debut are Classic Colombian and Italian Espresso Roast. They’re both made to taste just like their brewed namesake, packing in bold notes of roasted beans and fruitiness or smoky cocoa.

All three of these creamers could give International Delight’s Elf-inspired coffee creamers a run for their money.

When Will This Hit Stores?

If you’re already headed to the coffee creamer aisle, you’ll want to hold your metaphorical horses. Milk Chocolate M&M’s coffee creamer (along with the Unlocked line) won’t hit shelves until January 2021. While we don’t know what day exactly we’ll be able to get our hands on this stuff, we do know all three will retail for $3.79 a pop. That’s a small price to pay to wake up on the right side of the bed every morning.

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