The Fancy Signature Crafted Menu at McDonald’s Is Gone for Good

Here's what you won't be able to order at McDonald's tomorrow.

Most days, the McDonald’s news is about something new, like the introduction of Donut Sticks or the return of a beloved 2 for $5 deal. But we’ve heard there are a few items you won’t be seeing on the McDonald’s menu anymore. The fast food chain announced that as of April 30, there will be some scaling back taking place in an effort to simplify the menus.

What’s Going Away?

Say goodbye to the premium Signature Crafted Recipes, including:

  • Mushroom & Swiss Burger
  • Bacon Smokehouse

The Late Night menu is also getting a refresh, so you will no longer be able to enjoy artisan grilled chicken sandwiches, buttermilk crispy chicken sandwiches, buttermilk crispy tenders, Filet-O-Fish or premium salads from midnight to 5 a.m.

Removing the craft options is meant to make the decision process smoother for customers, but that doesn’t mean there’s nothing left on the Late Night menu. You can still order Big Macs, Quarter Pounder burgers, Chicken McNuggets, breakfast, the irresistible McDonald’s fries, Happy Meals, beverages and plenty more.

See how else the McDonald’s menu has changed over the years.

Here’s What to Order Instead

McDonald’s still has fresh takes on classic fast food. Look for two twists on the Quarter Pounder: one with applewood smoked bacon and a deluxe version with lettuce and tomato. Both are made with 100% fresh beef. You can also pick up something from the McDonald’s secret menu!

Skip the Late Night Drive-Thru By Making a Copycat Instead
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