McDonald’s Will Sell a BRAND-NEW Chips Ahoy McFlurry in September

McDonald's has a brand-new Chips Ahoy McFlurry to sweeten up the fall season. Who needs pumpkin spice?

When you think of McDonald’s, what immediately comes to mind? Big Macs, of course. But there are a number of fans who are devoted to the Golden Arches for the McFlurry and irresistible Chicken McNuggets, too.

Here’s some news for you—next month, McDonald’s is rolling out an all-new Chips Ahoy McFlurry and Spicy Chicken McNuggets.

Psst: McDonald’s has a secret menu, too.

Tell Me About the New Menu Items!

McDonald’s will offer the new McFlurry and McNuggets starting September 16. The McFlurry is made with vanilla soft serve, and in this case, that creamy base gets blended with Chips Ahoy cookies and topped with a drizzle of caramel for a special touch. This might be even better than the Snickerdoodle McFlurry, last year’s creation for the holidays.

The hottest news might be the Spicy Chicken McNuggets, though. Did you know that since the McNuggets debuted in 1983, there has never been a spin on the original flavor? Until now!

These McNuggets have a crispy tempura coating that’s flavored with chili peppers and cayenne, but the spiciness doesn’t stop there. They will also come with a brand-new dipping sauce dubbed “Mighty Hot Sauce” that promises to be a blend of crushed red peppers and chilis, plus garlic and a touch of sweetness.

How Long Will the McFlurry and McNuggets Be Here?

These new menu items will launch on September 16, and we know that they are both classified as limited time promotions. However, we don’t have details beyond that, so your guess is as good as ours. All we can say is that if you’re going to try the new McFlurry and McNuggets, you’d better get your hands on them sooner rather than later!

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