Kroger Rolls Out New Self-Scan Technology

The times are a-changin'! Here's Kroger's second in-store tech roll-out for 2018.

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Everyone’s favorite Southern grocery go-to is introducing more new tech to their stores! Kroger Edge digital screens replaced paper shelf tags in 200 or so stores, and now they’re introducing something else, too. Scan, Bag, Go is a pilot program that allows customers to use a handheld scanner or the store’s iPhone app to scan and bag products as they shop for an easier checkout experience. (We’ll keep it next to our top couponing apps!)

What Does This Mean For You?

“With every new product, service and technology integration, Kroger is redefining the customer experience and re-imagining the store of the future,” says Chris Hjelm, an exec at Kroger in a press release. “After testing Scan, Bag, Go in several locations, we are bringing this transformative technology to new stores across the country through Restock Kroger.”

That means Scan, Bag, Go could be at a Kroger near you! In addition to scanning items as you shop, the app allows you to view and download digital coupons, view the current sales ad and keep a running tally of your total bill. Once you’re finished up shopping, you head to the self-checkout area to provide payment, and you’re out the door. No more loading in and out of your cart!

“The installation of Scan, Bag, Go is a collaboration between the Kroger operations and tech teams that allows us to accelerate the adoption of new technologies in our stores,” says Mary Ellen Adcock, Kroger’s VP of retail operations. “We are always excited to execute innovative ideas that benefit our customers’ shopping experiences.”

The Future of Shopping

Quicker checkout and bigger savings? We’re in. It’s looking more and more like these apps are the future, with grocery shopping apps and meal delivery services constantly gaining popularity. The Scan, Bag, Go integration is set to hit 400 stores by the end of 2018, and plan to allow in-app payment for an even quicker shopping experience. Sounds like we’re going to be in and out of Kroger in no time flat!

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