Kit Kat Ice Cream Bars Will Be at Your Grocery Store Any Minute

We can't wait to eat them by the HANDFUL.

Kit Kat lovers—2020 is your year. You may have missed the chance to snag Sweet Cinnamon Kit Kats in 2019, but there’s plenty to look forward to over the next couple months. 2020 means the likely release of Birthday Cake Kit Kats, and brand-new Kit Kat flavors will launch at Walmart.

But that’s not all Kit Kat is bringing to the table. There’s a rumor about mini Kit Kat Ice Cream Bars going around!

What’s in the Ice Cream Bars?

These bars have all the chocolaty goodness of a Kit Kat combined with ice cream. The bar is made from smooth vanilla ice cream, topped with a ribbon of fudge and coated in milk chocolate. It looks like that chocolate coating is studded with pieces of Kit Kat, so you’ll still get a bit of the classic wafer and crunch.

Love the idea of a mini dessert? Don’t miss Nestle’s mini ice cream sandwiches.

When Can I Grab a Box?!

One box contains 12 mini ice cream bars, but beyond that, there’s not much else we know. @candyhunting posted a box of the Kit Kat bars on Instagram, so we’re expecting them to be in stores soon. Keep an eye out while you’re going through the freezer aisle to get your Kit Kat ice cream fix!

Plan B: Make a No-Bake Chocolate Dessert
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