Kellogg’s Is Releasing a New Unicorn Cereal. Seriously.

It's almost here! Maybe life (or at least your breakfast) really can be all cupcakes and unicorns.

Photo: via Kellogg's

If someone at your house is a fan of sweet cereals (especially in fun shapes), take a minute to see what Kellogg’s has planned for breakfast, set to appear on American shelves this March.

Here’s the Unicorn-Inspired Cereal Everybody’s Talking About

Kellogg’s made a number of changes to the cereal in its transition from Britain to the United States—some for legal reasons and some for the purpose of branding. Named Unicorn Froot Loops in the U.K, the U.S. version will be called Kellogg’s Unicorn Cereal. The colors will also be slightly different, with loops in red, purple and blue, each covered with white “crunchlets” of cupcake flavor.

The box itself will most likely feature this hard-to-miss unicorn sporting a rainbow mane. Note that the box pictured is just a mock-up, and Kellogg’s may still make changes before the final product starts showing up in stores. Chances are good, of course, that the unicorn will remain. (Three cheers for one seriously underrepresented cereal mascot!)

Ways to Enjoy the Magic

If your kids love rainbows, unicorns and cereal, you probably already know what to do! Besides breakfast for the kiddos, Unicorn Cereal could also make a good gag gift for college students and other young adults, who are likely to eat it up just as fast as the little ones, if not faster.

If you’re curious about additional cereal recipes, we can help there, too. The new cereal promises to be an excellent subject for candy cereal treats (which are like rice crispy bars but with other types of cereal). We also recommend perusing this collection of cereal bar recipes to see which might work well with a little unicorn flavor mixed in. Remember, this will be a high-sugar cereal, and limiting regular sugar intake is a smart move—but for a special treat, Unicorn Cereal has you covered!

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