Jack Daniel’s Is Selling Jack and Cola Drinks, and We’d Like a 6-Pack ASAP

Black Jack Cola is the fastest way to make a whiskey and coke.

You might be tempted by all of the great cocktails and fruity drinks that keep popping up, like Costco’s giant margarita or Bud Light’s Strawberry Daiquiri Seltzer. But sometimes, it’s nice to go back to basic mixed drinks. It’s not hard to mix Jack Daniel’s with a splash of Coca-Cola, but now you can even skip that step, because Jack Daniel’s has Black Jack Cola!

What Is Black Jack Cola?

It’s like a shortcut to whiskey and coke. Curiously, Black Jack Cola isn’t made with whiskey at all, though. It’s a malt beverage, like Malibu’s Splash line, but with the flavors of Jack Daniel’s and cola. It also has a lemon-lime twist, like the garnish you’d have on a real Jack and coke. Each 10-ounce bottle has only a 4.8% ABV, which makes it a fantastic summer sipper.

Black Jack Cola is part of an entire “Country Cocktails” line that Jack Daniel’s is making. We’re also excited about their Southern Peach cocktail! This whole lineup of bottled drinks seems like it will be perfect for drinking in the backyard or at the beach. You don’t need to bring a bunch of ingredients to make cocktails. Just put the bottles in a sleek cooler and you’re ready to rock!

Where Can I Get Black Jack Cola?

You can probably find a 6-pack ar your local liquor store, though you might want to check the Jack Daniel’s locator before venturing out. Do a quick search and chances are you’ll find a pack to pick up or have delivered via Total Wine and More.

You’ll be sipping whiskey and cola in no time. Just add a few backyard lawn chairs—or even a hammock—and you’re all set for summer.

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