In-N-Out Celebrates 70 Years with This Awesome Tradition

And no, it's not a free burger!

If you thought In-N-Out was just a place to grab some delicious grub, you have been sorely mistaken. Along with selling top-of-the-line burgers and even having a secret menu (one of the many things you might not know about In-N-Out), the restaurant also has a line of amazing merchandise. So for its 70th birthday, In-N-Out celebrated by releasing a commemorative T-shirt. And it looks like pure California bliss.

(Did you know it’s our birthday? Here are the most popular recipes from each of our 25 years.)

This year’s new T-shirt

Releasing a birthday T-shirt isn’t actually a new concept for In-N-Out. It’s happened every five years on Oct. 22 since the place opened in 1948.

The back of this year’s T-shirt features a burger Ferris wheel with a line of vintage cars heading toward In-N-Out, according to the small sign on the side of the road. On the front is a retro car (like we’re heading back to the ’40s), a colorful “70” placed right in front of the iconic In-N-Out yellow arrow, and of course, the anniversary dates on the bottom. It looks pretty classy for a company-branded item—all of their shirts do.

It’s not just T-shirts!

In-N-Out doesn’t just sell T-shirts—you’ll find a whole plethora of merch right in their online store. Some of the most popular items at the moment include an In-N-Out duffel bag, the 70th-anniversary zip-up hoodie, and a Burgers and Burnouts T-shirt. They also have outerwear, hats, accessories, and much more.

The company’s Vault48 is a particularly fun place to shop. It’s a curated collection of In-N-Out merchandise for truly dedicated fans. You can get a longboard deck for $90, a leather portfolio for $80, and even a gold-accented watch for $130.

So if you’re a huge In-N-Out fan and looking to throw them some big bucks, the 70th Anniversary apparel and Vault48 are the places for you!

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