How to Store Ice Cream to Prevent Freezer Burn, According to Ben & Jerry’s

This dynamic duo knows how to store ice cream to keep each pint as fresh as possible.

As temperatures soar in the summer, we all head to the store for our favorite way to beat the heat—tubs and tubs of ice cream. (See the ice cream brands that we’re obsessed with!)

Of course, as the freezer fills up with pints of Phish Food and Half Baked, we can’t help but wonder how to store ice cream to keep freezer burn from setting in. Luckily, master ice cream makers Ben and Jerry came to the rescue. Now, if only they’d bring back some of our favorites from the Flavor Graveyard!

P.S. If you’re missing Georgia Peach as much as we are, here’s how make Georgia Peach ice cream at home.

Wait a Sec—What’s Freezer Burn?

Ever re-open a tub of your favorite ice cream only to find a thin layer of ice on top? The ice crystals ruin the silky smooth texture and wash out the flavor, leaving your Peanut Butter Cup crunchy, icy and sort of icky (which means you can’t use it in this decadent Elvis ice cream sandwich).

It’s still perfectly safe to eat, but it lacks creaminess, or as Ben & Jerry’s puts it, “euphoria.”

How to Store Ice Cream

It’s pretty easy—all you have to do is flip the pint!

After grabbing a couple scoops from a brand-new pint, put the lid back on and turn that pint upside down before refreezing. This lets all the partially melted ice cream drip onto the lid where it can’t blend with the still cold portion, leaving the rest of your tub full of creamy, dreamy deliciousness. Just make sure the lid is super tight before you do this.

If you’re wondering, Ben & Jerry’s recommendation for how to store ice cream works on homemade ice cream, too.

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