This Extra Cutout Cookie Step Will Save You So Much Time

It seems hard to believe, but there are steps you can take to speed up the cookie-making process.

I get it. You want to be the perfect hostess/mom/Instagram influencer that waltzes into your holiday party/bake sale/endless scrollable feed with gorgeous cutout cookies to a chorus of wows. But let’s be honest: Cutout cookies can take forever. The mixing, the chilling, the cutting, the baking, the cooling, the decorating… Do you have a full day to make a batch of cookies? Neither do I.

Luckily, pastry chef Marina Sousa let us in on a step you can take to help make faster cutout cookies!

Roll out the Dough Before Chilling

You already know to chill your dough. But once you have that satisfying lump of dough in your mixing bowl, work fast to get it in the freezer. Instead of dividing it into two balls and placing both in the freezer like many people do, Marina suggests taking the first of the two balls, placing it between two sheets of wax paper and using a rolling pin to quickly roll it out. (Emphasis on quicklyyou don’t want your cookies to be tough.) Repeat with the other dough ball. Keeping the wax paper on the dough, place both rolled-out dough slabs on a metal cookie sheet and pop them in the freezer.

This step helps cool dough so much faster because the cold temperature is touching a larger surface area. See, our freezers don’t have Elsa’s magic power to penetrate any surface with ice daggers (and yes, this cutout recipe will make adorable Frozen-themed cutouts). The cold air slowly cools the surface of the dough and works its way to the center. With a large, flat slab of dough, the cold air doesn’t have as far to travel to chill the entire thing. The cold metal of the cookie sheet will also help cool the dough, so use the bottom dough slab first when you go to cut out shapes.

Bonus Tip: Chill Everything

You can chill your cookie cutters and rolling pin, too (especially if it’s a marble one). When everything stays cold, the dough is easier to work with so you’ll have fewer stuck cookie cutters.

Next up: Find more secrets to cutout cookie success.

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