How Starbucks Baristas Really Feel About Your ‘Secret Menu’ Orders

Their reactions may, or may not surprise you, but at least they're being honest about our requests.

If you’re a fan of Starbucks’ Pink Drink, Butterbeer Frappuccino or the Thin Mint Frappuccino, you’re technically ordering things that don’t exist, but baristas are skilled enough to make them all happen.

I’m talking about items on the “Secret Menu” of course, and while your local store might be cool with making a custom-made beverage, try ordering that at another store and they’ll look at you with a face of befuddlement.

Baristas took to Reddit and expressed how they felt about customers ordering these imaginary drinks.

Their reactions may, or may not surprise you, but at least they’re being honest about our requests.

Know the Ingredients

It’s not necessarily irritating if you know what the ingredients are. It’s really only frustrating when people come in and say something like “Let me have a Twix Frap!” and they expect us to know how to do it and say it is on the “secret” menu. But as long as you know what goes in it we’ll be happy to make it for you! We just want you to be happy with your drink. —u/cybiecybie

They Do Charge For All Those Extra Secret Ingredients

I will make anything you want, I don’t care, as long as you bring in the recipe and don’t get angry about any extra fees. —u/just_moira

Don’t Get Mad If the Barista Doesn’t Know What You’re Talking About

Only frustrating when people get mad when we don’t know what’s in it. Nobody actually minds, as long as you have the recipe. My main policy is if we don’t have a button for it in the special section, and you don’t have a recipe, I’m not getting my phone out to google whatever frap you want. You obviously don’t want it enough. —u/MeggersJaggers

Different Starbucks drinks in a rowCourtesy Foodbeast

Have Some Mercy On Them During Rush Hours

I wouldn’t mind if it didn’t seem like secret menu stuff was only ordered during busy times. —u/SpazzBro

Keep Their Training in Mind

I honestly don’t mind if they have the recipe for it. If you come in and order a “butterbeer frappuccino” and can’t give the recipe, there’s no way we can make it because we aren’t trained on “secret menu” drinks.—u/almondmilklatte

Starbucks pink drinkCourtesy Foodbeast

Ah, The Infamous Pink Drink

As long as you tell us what is in the drinks, it’s fine. But to throw some generic name at us like “pink drink” (which can be made in several different ways) is unhelpful. —u/siliconemedulla

If you see the Barista Holding Lighter Fluid… RUN!

Every time someone says they have a drink off of the secret menu, I cringe and imagine setting their hair on fire. Not really. I just let them know that unless they have the recipe I can’t make it. If they can tell me what’s in it and how much of it, I’ll be happy to make it. —u/SoloArcana

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