Here’s How Much You Should Tip for Pizza Delivery

Reference this guide for how much to tip a pizza delivery if you ordered from a local joint or used a food app.

We’ve all been there. Dinnertime, everyone’s hangry, and the fridge is bare. Luckily, ordering food delivery has never been easier. From classic pizza delivery to the many food delivery apps, odds are that you can get your favorite restaurant food brought right to your front door.

The catch? It’s still super awkward to know exactly how much to tip. We’ve pulled together a handy guide to how much to tip pizza delivery (and how much to tip in 2022 everywhere else).

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The Minimum Tip

Canvasing the Internet, we’ve learned that almost everyone agrees on a $5 minimum.  (If you live in a small town with a small driving radius, experts say a $3 minimum is fine.) With so many people opting for takeout and delivery over dining at a restaurant nowadays, many people tip for delivery using dine-in minimum guideline of 15-20% of the total bill.

If you think about the time it takes a driver to grab the food from the restaurant, drive it to your place, wait for you to come to the door and then head back to the restaurant, you’re looking at 20 minutes, but probably more. Ask yourself: Would I take that trip for less?

Remember that most delivery people drive their own cars and pay for all associated expenses (like gas), not to mention, accept the permanent aroma of pepperoni pizza embedded in their upholstery. (This wouldn’t be a problem if robots ever start delivering pizza.)

What If There’s a Delivery Fee?

The delivery or service fees you may have paid the restaurant or food delivery app probably don’t go to the driver. In general, such fees cover the cost of business for the food delivery app or service.

The restaurant and the driver assume that tips are part of the driver’s wage, so never skip the tip. The tipping rules for takeout aren’t necearily the same as delivery.

When to Tip More Than the Minimum

If your order falls under the following conditions, you should tip more—at least 20%.

  • Bad weather, like sleet or snow (but we don’t think you should order then at all)
  • Party-sized orders (think 10 pizzas, or tons of entress with lots of sides)
  • For delivery outside the normal delivery range
  • If the driver called with updates or otherwise went above and beyond

Should You Ever Tip Less Than the Minimum?

If the driver is overtly rude, runs over your prize flower beds, drops the food or commits some other obvious offense, then you can give a lower tip.

What if the food arrives late, or ice cold? That might be on the restaurant, not the driver. If you have a complaint with your food, it’s generally best to tip the driver the minimum, and then call the restaurant to complain. They may take care of you with refunds or coupons.

To Sum Up Tipping

We get it: Tipping can get pricey, especially on top of fees. You’re paying for the convenience and the extra time and effort it takes the restaurant and delivery person. You can always try our pick for the top-rated frozen pizza brand!

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