Hidden Valley Releases Ranch Dipping Sauce—In Three Bold Flavors!

Real ranch fans know that it's so much more than a salad dressing. These new blasted dipping sauces are going to amp up everything from pizza to wings.

Calling all ranch lovers! Your mind is about to be blown. Hidden Valley, best-known for its popular ranch dressing, has kicked things up a notch with a new line of Blasted Dipping Sauces in three exciting flavors: Zestier Ranch, Bold Buffalo and Ranch-Dipped Pizza.

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About the Flavors

Zestier Ranch

Ranch lovers can double down on their favorite dipping sauce with this new flavor. Zestier Ranch is twice as zesty as your typical ranch with double the garlic, onion and taste. We can’t wait to try it in these recipes that incorporate ranch dressing. Double the flavor, double the fun!

Bold Buffalo

Skip the wings and go straight to the good part. This thick and creamy dipping sauce is a spicy combo of buffalo sauce and ranch made with buttermilk, red peppers, onion and vinegar. It’s safe to say eating veggies just got way better.

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Ranch-Dipped Pizza

This duo has been a hot topic of debate for years. There are those that think pizza and ranch is a pairing that should never, ever happen. And others that believe the combo is the best thing ever. For those that can’t get enough, this outrageous flavor will be the go-to dipping sauce for everything—chicken fingers, veggies, fries and more.

Where To Buy

The three sauces come in 12-ounce, squeezable bottles for around $3 each. Find them at your local grocery store near the other dressings and dips.

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