Grab Your Gal Pals! Golden Girls Hot Sauces Are Here

Whether you're a Dorothy or a Rose, you'll find a sauce to fit your taste and Golden Girls persona.

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When you picture The Golden Girls, what’s the first treat that comes to mind? Cheesecake, obviously! However, one company is hoping to create an association between our favorite feisty gal pals and our favorite spicy condiment: hot sauce!

Gifting website Always Fits recently launched a line of four unique hot sauces, each inspired by the Golden Girls themselves. The lineup includes two slightly milder sauces and two habanero-based options. They can be purchased individually ($10 for a five-ounce bottle) or as a set for $32.

For milder options, you might want to buddy up with “Bea Spicy” or “Desert Rose,” the less intense jalapeño formulas. We’re sure that back in St. Olaf, Betty White’s Rose Nylund wouldn’t mind a few drops of “Desert Rose” added to these classic Midwestern recipes.

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For sauces with a bit more bite Sophia and Blanche’s sauces include a hefty dose of habanero pepper, garlic and additional spices. Labeled as “Sicilian Fire” and “Hot Slut” (not the name I’d pick for the sophisticated and charming Blanche Devereaux…). Names aside, these more intense flavors would be right at home alongside these authentic Mexican recipes.

Full of zest, these sauces definitely parallel our favorite ladies, but what makes these hot sauces uniquely golden—each bottle comes with a recipe for cheesecake. Now that’s something we can get behind!

If you’re interested in a homemade version, learn how to make hot sauce!

Love heat? These spicy recipes will knock your socks off.
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