Giggle-Worthy Mother’s Day Fails

Mother's Day is the time we strive to show the women in our lives how much we care. But what happens when your heartfelt gesture goes hilariously awry? Our readers weigh in with true-life stories of mom's day fails.

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Growing up, I always had the urge to pull out the stops for my mom on Mother’s Day. Some years it was a hodgepodge craft project, on others a homemade breakfast. But regardless of my good intent, the pancakes were burned or the Elmer’s Glue wasn’t completely dry, resulting in an endearing-and giggle-worthy-Mother’s Day fail. (If only I had had these super easy breakfast recipes on hand!)

Like the fabulous human she is, my mom would hold her tongue and smile despite the act of gratitude going terribly wrong. Our readers know that feeling first hand. From exploding wine bottles to surprise vermin, they’ve brought us their most gut-busting Mother’s Day mishaps.

What Happens When You Let Dad Cook:

“Heinz came out with green and purple ketchup in the ’90s and the kids just had to have it. On Mother’s Day, we happened to have a bottle of the stuff lying around. That day my husband and father decided to treat us to some wonderful BBQ spareribs. They even made their own special sauce. Unfortunately, they ran short of regular ketchup so they used the green ketchup instead. The spareribs came out beautifully…until you bit into them.

The dye from the ketchup had seeped into the meat and turned it the most disgusting Grinch-like green you ever saw. It didn’t taste bad, but it was really hard to get past the looks. We never let them live down that wonderful green meat.” – Karen Wedekind Haugh

Spice Doesn’t Always Play Nice:

“I planned a nice dinner for my mom on Mother’s Day. I decided to make all her favorites: chicken and rice, fried plantain, avocado tomato salad, and for dessert I made rice pudding. I was not feeling great that day and was a little loopy from a head cold. I sprinkled the ‘cinnamon’ on top of the rice pudding and presented it to my mom. One taste and I knew something was wrong. My mom had a look of horror on her face. I had used cumin instead of cinnamon.” -Marina Castle Kelley

An Unwelcome Guest Arrives:

“One Mother’s Day the family was getting ready to take my mom out to eat. She’s deathly afraid of mice and other rodents. As we walked out the carport door a baby mole ran right in front of her. She was so scared she jumped right onto the hood of the car! We couldn’t help but stand there and laugh. After she calmed down, we went out for a nice meal and wished her ‘Happy Moler’s Day.’ I don’t think she ever forgave us for it.” – Barbara Sisson

When Kids “Help Out” Around the House:

“When we were little, my twin brother and I attempted to ‘clean’ the house before my mum woke up. We put salt in the dishwasher, sprinkled the floor with powder, and ‘washed’ the TV with a very wet sponge. I’m sorry, mum!” – Anna Caesar

What to Do When Things Get Uncorked:

“My mother-in-law makes homemade wine. She brought a bottle to our Mother’s Day cookout. We were yapping in the kitchen when-BANG! The bottle exploded and I had red wine EVERYWHERE! The ceiling, floor, inside cabinets. We cleaned it up the best we could, then laughed our butts off!” -Marita Eggers

Hopefully you got a giggle out of these stories. No matter how much careful planning goes into your celebration, mistakes and mishaps like these can happen…especially when mom’s not involved. But don’t let that stop you from making the day extra special. Give her a few hours of total pampering, by making an extra-special breakfast in bed or constructing a DIY spa day. If your mom lives out of town, don’t let that stop you. Send her a tasty present to show you care. Try out our best food gifts for mom.

*Note: Stories have been edited for length and clarity.

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