What Is a Garlic Keeper, Anyway?

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It's cute, it's cheap—and Amazon shoppers can't stop raving about how much longer it makes their fresh garlic bulbs last.

A bit of garlic adds instant flavor to savory dishes. If you’re a major garlic fan and prefer to use fresh cloves in garlic recipes, you need this game-changing ceramic garlic keeper that promises longer-lasting, sprout-free garlic. With over 2,000 reviews and a nearly-perfect 4.7 star rating, it’s easily one of the best kitchen storage solutions on Amazon we’ve seen yet. Fresh and flavorful garlic, at the ready!

What is a garlic keeper?

Storing whole garlic bulbs can be tricky. If they’re exposed to too much light and humidity, they can sprout or even spoil, leaving you with rotten garlic and flavorless tomato sauce. Storing garlic in airtight glass storage containers or plastic Tupperware-style bins doesn’t allow enough air circulation—decreasing the shelf life of everyone’s favorite pasta sauce ingredient.

Garlic purists swear by a ceramic garlic keeper to preserve the flavor and texture of fresh garlic for longer than other methods, including refrigeration.

The Mud Pie ceramic garlic keeper offers the perfect balance of a dark, dry environment with airflow to keep all varieties of garlic shelf-stable for several weeks at a time. It features a ceramic base with a removable wood lid, and can comfortably hold two to four full bulbs at any given time depending on the size and variety. Using ventilated dark storage is one of the most natural garlic storage solutions, and requires absolutely no added chemicals or processing. A garlic keeper is the perfect addition to your collection of potato storage containers, onion storage containers and best produce keepers from Amazon. And it makes a great gift for cooks.

How to Use a Garlic Keeper

The best part of a ceramic garlic keeper is how easy it is to use. All you have to do is set this farmhouse-inspired piece on your countertop, remove the lid and place a couple of whole garlic bulbs inside. If you’re using store-bought garlic bulbs, you don’t need to do anything else.

If you’re using bulbs from your own garden, you’ll want to make sure all the greens are trimmed off and the bulbs are dirt-free before placing them inside. This little ceramic wonder is one of the best kitchen products that reduce food waste because it keeps garlic fresh for weeks—sometimes even months. Just make sure to hand wash the keeper with warm soapy water and let it thoroughly dry before packing it with more garlicky goodness again.

If you’re also looking for a way to store leftover bacon grease, this farmhouse-style bacon grease container is a fan favorite.

The Best Amazon User Reviews

Lisa, a verified Amazon purchaser says, “It’s a cute jar with a wooden lid that seals. I’d say it probably holds three small garlic bulbs or two and a half large ones. It’s approximately four inches tall and three inches wide. I normally keep my garlic in the fridge, but I’m testing it outside to see how the taste and texture remain in the jar versus the fridge. It’s only been about a month and so far so good!”

“I regularly had less than a week to use my garlic as we would leave it on the countertop,” shares Tracey, a five-star reviewer. “Now it stays un-sprouted for weeks. The jar itself is nice. You can get a few heads of garlic in there. The lid is satisfyingly snug and overall the quality of everything is very good. I definitely recommend it.”

“This fits perfectly in my cupboard in front of my spices,” writes another verified Amazon purchaser. “It holds three smaller garlic bulbs nicely. The look of it is very aesthetically pleasing, and it seems to be quite sturdy. Easy to clean, easy to use and easy to recommend!”

Where to Buy the Mud Pie Garlic Keeper

Mud Pie Garlic Keeper via merchant

The Mud Pie garlic keeper is available on Amazon for about $18. It’s a bargain if you consider how much garlic you’ll save by prolonging its shelf life. You’ll want to hurry though because Mud Pie has a cult-like following for its Rae Dunn-inspired designs. Top-selling products tend to sell out quickly.

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