This Genius Idea Will Keep Your Food Storage Containers Organized for Good

This easy DIY makes it painless to organize all of your containers.

There’s one part of the kitchen that’s nearly impossible to keep tidy. It’s not the cabinets, the refrigerator or even the junk drawer. It’s the leftovers container area. In my kitchen, we call it the “Tupperware pit,” because it’s a deep drawer stuffed with containers. They’re all different materials, shapes and sizes; some have lids, some had lids at some point.

Our friends at Family Handyman have a brilliant solution to the conundrum of the Tupperware pit. It’s such an easy and affordable DIY!

Here’s the Trick

Divide your drawer into two sections. Keep lids separate from containers—and store them standing vertically. This frees up space in your cabinet to stack containers in a logical fashion. Plus, vertical lids are easy to arrange by size.

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How to Create a Divided Drawer

You’ll need to buy a tension rod, available at many hardware or big-box stores.

Step 1. Empty the drawer

Take everything out of your container storage space. Wipe it down if necessary. If any container is missing a lid, or if you have a lid without a mate, ditch them! (Lidless containers can be handy for other kitchen storage uses, like chip clips or loose herbs like bay leaves.)

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Step 2. Make a lid corral

Insert the tension rod to one side of the drawer, leaving most of the space clear for the bulkier containers.

Step 3. Sort by shape

The secret to nesting storage containers? Sorting them by shape. Square, rectangular and circular containers should stack amongst themselves, largest at the bottom to smallest on top. Place your least-used shape in the back of the drawer, and your most-used in the front. Separate lids by shape, too, and then stack by size. Slide the lids into their corral. The tension rod should hold them up; lower it to contain the shortest lid, if needed.

Step 4. Enjoy!

Relish the painlessness of grabbing a container. No sweating, swearing or tears required.

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