This Map Shows Every State’s Favorite Thanksgiving Side—Did It Get Yours Right?

Pass these sides our way.

With Thanksgiving only weeks away, the countdown is officially on. Millions of turkeys are being ordered, menus are being prepared and shopping sprees have begun. And we’re not complaining! Thanksgiving is all about time with loved ones and, of course, an unbeatable feast. Yes, the turkey is the star of the show. But everyone has a favorite Thanksgiving side, too. 67% of Americans prefer side dishes to the entree.

To settle the debate of which side is best, Campbell’s ‘State of the Sides’ Report reveals the most popular sides across the country!

What are the top five Thanksgiving sides in America?

From coast to coast, some sides are tried and true. These are the most popular Thanksgiving sides across the U.S.:

  1. Mashed potatoes: The top spot goes to mashed potatoes! While this may be unsurprising (especially with how downright delicious mashed potatoes are), last year the side dish was in second place. This year, it took the crown.
  2. Stuffing/dressing: In second place, we have stuffing, which was the most popular side dish last year.
  3. Mac & cheese: Surprise! Mac & cheese takes the bronze medal. According to Campbell’s, Mac & cheese is exploding in popularity. Newly on the list, 27% of Americans ranked it as their favorite side. And we can’t blame ’em.
  4. Sweet potatoes: Another type of potato coming through: sweet potatoes! Whether enjoyed as sweet potato pie or another classic sweet potato dish, I’m a fan.
  5. Green bean casserole: Last but not least, we have green bean casserole. A total traditional Thanksgiving side.

The average American serves five sides at their Thanksgiving meal. In other words, if you’re looking for menu ideas, these top five may just do the trick.

Psst: While we can’t get enough of the most popular side dishes, we love these nearly forgotten (yet equally delicious) Thanksgiving sides, too!

What other sides are the most popular?

These top five aren’t the only ones to make the list. Campbell’s found that Colorado and Florida happen to love rolls and bread (and, same, really). Virginia and Illinois adore a Thanksgiving salad, while New York, Arizona, California and Connecticut opt for root vegetables.

You’ll likely find any number of these sides at a Virginia Thanksgiving meal, as 84% of Virginias prefer cooking sides to the turkey. Or in New Hampshire, where over half (59%) of respondents prefer traditional sides. Unlike Delaware and Alaska! Only 19% of Delaware respondents prefer traditional sides, while almost half of Alaskans (49%) prefer spicy sides. Yum!

The report had other fascinating findings, too. Nearly 6 in 10 Americans will celebrate Friendsgiving in 2023. Plus, Thanksgiving tables are likely to offer a wide variety of sides. 66% of Americans report that sides bring cultural heritage to the table. Georgians are especially fond of reflecting culture in side dishes, with 88% of Georgians reporting this to be true.

No matter the feast, we hope you’ll find your favorite Thanksgiving side at this year’s table! Don’t forget your Thanksgiving desserts. Those pair nicely with Thanksgiving sides, any day.

Jessica Kaplan
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