We’re Obsessed with This Rocking Pizza Cutter

This rocking pizza cutter is safer than the traditional model—and I love it!

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I have to admit, traditional pizza cutters are a little bit scary. It’s a bit of an irrational fear: I know it’s unlikely that I’ll hurt myself digging around the utensil drawer in search of the tool. But I mean, it has a blade. So when I stumbled upon a rocking pizza cutter that was bladeless, I was instantly intrigued. After giving it a try, it’s now my go-to pizza cutter.

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What Makes the Rocking Pizza Cutter So Different?

The Epicurean rocking pizza cutter doesn’t have a blade in the traditional sense. Instead, it has almost 17 inches of a beveled cutting edge that gets the job done just as well as a traditional blade. A simple rocking motion slices the entire diameter of your pizza—even our favorite healthy frozen pizza.

This pizza cutter is made of natural wood fiber and resin using certified materials by the Forest Stewardship Council. It’s dishwasher safe and heat resistant up to 350°F. It’s also made in the USA.

Why I Love the Rocking Pizza Cutter

The unique design of this rocking pizza cutter gives me peace of mind about cutting my pizza and nothing else. I don’t have to worry every time I reach into my utensil drawer.

And besides being safer, it’s fun to use! It’s easy to slice into a homemade pizza (or even a frozen pizza when I don’t feel like cooking). Just a few quick rocking motions and I’m ready to serve up one of my favorite comfort foods.

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