Need to Make Easter Happen on a Budget? Here’s What You Should to Know.

Easter is sneaking up on us quickly. Elaborate dinners for holidays can add up (not to mention Easter baskets, new church clothes, and all the rest.) Here are some ways to pull it all off—on a budget.

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Celebrating the holiday is important—and celebrating with food can be a major part of family tradition. But when you’re feeding countless friends and family members, that cost can add up. Follow these tips for saving big when it comes to Easter feasting.  And make sure to check out our best Easter dinner hits when planning for the big day.

Shop Ahead of Time

Make your shopping list today, and you’ll be able to watch out for coupons and sales on items with a longer shelf life. Look for larger purchases ahead of time when they aren’t “in season.” Many grocery stores have been running specials on turkeys and hams that you could freeze until you need them. Take this time to study up on how to properly cook a ham.

Get Creative With Your Menu

Though cooking our family’s traditional recipes allows us to revel in nostalgia, it might be time to change things up to stay on budget. Consider beef or chicken as your main dish, or another one of your family’s favorite dishes that’s more cost-effective. Save even more money by throwing an Easter brunch instead of a traditional meal, to go without the pricey roast.

Check Out Budget Stores

Though you may be a loyal shopper at your local grocery store, if they don’t have good deals for Easter, you may want to check out budget stores like Aldi. Also, check out your local dollar store for items like cutlery, tablecloths, paper plates and decor. Warehouse stores like Sam’s Club and Costco will also have affordable items for a large party. Psst! Here’s how to shop at Costco without a membership.


Though it may save time to buy pre-made items, it certainly won’t save you money. Make your mashed potatoes, desserts and sides from scratch with ingredients you’ve picked up from discount stores. Carve out time each day of the week ahead to do any prep that you can—whether it’s making rolls, washing produce or chopping ingredients, a plan for your from-scratch dishes will help keep your budget on track. You can even give DIY bath products as homemade gifts.

Host a Potluck

Still think it’s going to be too hard to host your crowd on your budget? Ask everyone to bring a dish to share. It’s easy and everyone can bring their favorite. These slow cooker recipes make bringing a yummy side a cinch!

Try these budget-friendly recipes.
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